The beauty of nature…

Aliens? Vegetables? Nope, vegetable and animal bridge mushrooms. They’re the myxomycetes, and they can move and hunt for prey or look for the best environment for them. They are born from spores, like mushrooms.

Myxomycetes move like huge amoebas, like pulsating masses: their movements seem to be dependent on microfibrils that remember the fibers of the muscles. These ′′ blobs ′′ crawl (at a speed of 1 cm per hour) phagocusing bacteria, algae, yeasts, protozoa and other organic material; they digest them and expel the remains outside.

Not randomly, mixomycetes proliferate where there are plenty of prey: on decomposing logs or on carpets of dead leaves, wet. And so they’re often found in the woods: yellow, purple, blue, red, thanks to the pigments they contain.

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