As a mother my heart broke……

This is the story of William Ford Jr. He is a young black man who was murdered, not only by the person pulling the trigger but also by the system.

I had decided to watch a BLM programme every night, whilst I don’t believe in the rioting, looting and Marxist ideology of BLM, I do however realise that cases like this are not rare and sadly it is more the norm for which we as a society should be ashamed

The Ford family have gone from tragedy to tragedy, and what they need as a family is justice. Please watch this on Nextflix and I dare you not be moved at the loss of their son/brother.

It made me weep and angry at the inhumanity at what this family went through. Justice should be a right for all….and this was tragically not the case, and that is shameful on us as a society.

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