The damage is done…

The Owen Patterson farce has cost the Conservatives 5 points in the poll, and it is going to get much worse, because people don’t trust yet again another Conservative Government.

The PM and the Government should never have taken the side of Patterson. He has made half a million pounds in the last 5 years….whilst stating it is a privilege to be an MP. At least he went but not before opening up on his greed.

I still can’t get over that 8 MPs are under investigation for breaching parliamentary rules…and they got to vote to suspend their own investigations. That hit the sleaze level of 10.

Patterson then has the cheek to say he is going to carry on his public service, but away from evil politics. It is only bad now because he has been called out. Like the others sat there who moan about £82k a year, who employ their spouses on £50k a year and who claim all their house needs on us. Do we really have to put up with these people actually thinking we the public need them.

There will be no public role for him but rather a gilded role, where he will use his access…the like of which is denied those who pay their generous lifestyles.

If it stinks like rotten eggs then it is rotten eggs.

Yep that much of a privilege he sells himself as a consultant to the highest bidder, when he should be working for the benefit of the people who voted him in. After all, no seat…no overly paid job. It smacks of sleaze, and Patterson said he would do it again.

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That is why I firmly believe the temporary blue wall that Boris managed to build at the Brexit election will not be there this time…and all because of sleaze.

Keir Starmer as much as I dislike him and his party seems to throw people out of the party like Claudia Webb…..the MP for Leicester who was found guilty of threatening to throw acid over a love rival, and sending naked pictures to the rivals children. That should be a sex offenders sentence but we are hampered by our soft judges, and this disgrace of an MP will get to sit in Parliament and even make laws despite being a law breaker. I am not…so why should I entertain a criminal?

At least Keir Starmer booted her and the likes of Corbyn out. It shows an understanding of what the people demand, and that is a non sleazy politician. Remember folks it only takes 10% of members to demand deselection.

The majority given Boris was to get Brexit done, and not cover up for friends. It looks weak, indecisive and dithering and hardened Northerners don’t like nor appreciate crooked MPs, and the party that deals with sleaze will be the one to win the very unstable blue wall, and if Boris can’t see that then he has a problem.

The Conservatives have already lost the elderly vote for lying about the triple lock, and I am getting feed back on the fury of the older generation. There will be no PM role for Rishi Sunak….he has to pay the piper for lying to the pensioners, whilst living a,kife of luxury…yet he denies them the money for heating and eating.

It all stinks and the swamp especially on the Conservative benches needs draining.

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