The unwashed morons are back on the M25…

Insulate Britain have not only tried holding the country to ransom by terrorism, they are now playing chicken on the M25 and walking up and down the motorway.

The police need to take these unwashed morons and get them off for the road for safety, or they will get hit by a vehicle and I only hope the driver and their car are OK, and that the driver gets counselling. As the Insulate Britain moron….one less to deal with.

It is about time the Home Secretary Pritti Useless got a grip of the police and tell them to do their job, and get the morons off the road and throw away the key. Also, those on benefits…stop their money as they are not available for work and here’s an idea….find out where the idiots live and block their homes, and no moving till we get a meaningful statement that the useless, unwashed fools are going to stop.

As for me, I will have no sympathy for any of them if they get hit, and under no circumstances should an ambulance be allowed through to get them to hospital. After all, they have said that the death of one is nothing compared to their imaginary made up disasters, and what sort of roach must you be to knowingly let a woman suffer a severe stroke for seven hours. They are a waste of oxygen.

Get them off the roads now Home Secretary…do your job, and tell the police get their night sticks out to these morons and stop treating them wih kid gloves….the people are fed up with this now, and they have long memories come elections.

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