Covid Update from the BBC and the Rt Hon Savid Javid,  Secretary of State for Health.

A&Es throughout the country are struggling with the rise in cases and BBC discussion  –  Booster jabs need to be rolled out quicker and there is some concern about the way it is being rolled out. There is a now a push to protect the vulnerable.  BBC discussing the patchy take up of the booster jabs. However, this has not been offered to the majority and needs to be stepped up.

2 New Anti-Viral Drugs to be brought in before the end of the year.  One of the new drugs will be a pill developed in America taken twice a day when first coming being infected and it cuts the risk by 50%.  Downside is that it costs about £500.    Would be considered for high-risk areas such as care homes and outbreaks in hospital.

From the Rt Hon Savid Javid, Health Secretary.

Always known winter months would be a hinderance to the recover and will see Covid 19 and other viruses rise.  Ahead of winter starting to see impact as cases stand at 43,738 rising 16% from last week.  Could go up to 100,000 a day.  1,000 hospitalisations a day.

The Health Secretary thanked the NHS for the hard work they do.   Will do what it takes to make sure the NHS can cope.

Pandemic not over but thanks to people taking up the injections that there is not as big a death output and this needs to continue.

7,891 in hospital with Covid 19 as of the 19th of October 2021.  Last few days there has been a continual increase with cases. The average death rate from Covid is 136.  Last 24 hours however there has been 179 deaths recorded.  The cases are rising.  

81% of the population have had their 1st dose, and 79% received their second dose.

Some of the work being done….by the Government.

Proud of the UK at the forefront of cutting edge Covid 19 treatment.  Patients benefiting from use of vaccines. that has helped those who are immune….

Signed two landmarks deals with Merc and Pfizer for hundreds of thousands of new anti-viral booster vaccines. …. Speed up recovery time.  Given to the most vulnerable of patients as discussed by the BBC.   450,000 from Merc and the other from Pfizer and the first anti virals to be specifically created for Covid.  Still need approval but should be coming into use as soon as possible.

The Government Will not be implementing Plan B at this time.

Strengthening vaccination programme.  Almost 5, million people remain unvaccinated in the UK over the age of 16 and the vaccination is available to them still.

Extended the offer of vaccine to children between 12 and 15 and they can now get the vaccination at either school or at vaccination centres.

Started rolling out booster programme.  Vital to keeping safe but the protection of a booster will give benefit especially to the elderly and those who are immune compromised.

Covid 19 mutates and new variants including AY4.2 new variant.  This is spreading but not reason to believe it poses a greater threat, however the next variant and the one after that could do.  Need to be ready with ongoing programme of booster jabs.  4, million top up jabs in England but more needed…Government got the jabs and if over 50 and had second jab 6 months ago and the NHS will send for you but if not contacted then ring your GP to book it and get vaccinated through the booster shot.

Everyone must play their part in fighting this virus and that includes the flu.  Get vaccinated with the flu jab. 

The Health Secretary states that to lower the risk that it is advisable to meet outdoors where possible,  If indoors open windows.  Wear mask in crowded spaces.  Take tests regularly and that ¼ of those infected have taken the lateral flow tests already.   With winter soon upon us these little steps make a difference and are more important now than ever been, and he states that if we all do our part then we can all see our loved ones and enjoy Christmas.

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