A sad day for the Military and Veteran Communities.

Dennis Hutchings an honest, loyal Veteran who was being sacrificed to appease the terrorists and their supporters, has died of Covid 19 whilst on trial in Northern Ireland.

Mr Hutchings was a member of the Guards in the 70s, and he has been charged with the shooting of a terrorist who fled a check point. The prosecution stated that they could not say which bullet hit the terrorist and who from, and that alone should have been an instant dismissal otherwise you are at risk of jailing an innocent man, but then the terrorists want that and having Sinn Fein in charge of ….meant it was always going to be a made up charge.

We are however talking about the appeasement and subjugation to terrorists first started by Tony Blair and his comfort letters, that were given in secret by the then Labour Government to murdering terrorists, including those who have murdered British Army personnel, Northern Ireland Police Officers, Northern Ireland Prison Officers and innocent members of the public. This includes a 6 month old baby girl murdered on a forecourt along with her RAF father…because he was a member of the RAF.

These comfort letters were given to all terrorists regardless of who, when and where they murdered….and that includes bombings, yet this and other Governments have shamefully not protected its loyal soldiers from kangaroo charges, and it has now cost the life of a man who refused to be a sacrificial lamb because our Governments have no spine.

By the way….these comfort letters only came to light because a known terrorist produced it when charged. This is obscene and Mr Hutchings had in effect been thrown to the wolves for the mess politicians make.

Mr Hutchings has now taken his place in Valhalla along with other heroes, and he dies an innocent man but the fight is not over to get these disgusting claims thrown out, as they are nothing more than lies and if a Government cannot protect its military, then there will be no military left. After all who wants to fire at bad guys when YOU can go to jail based on lies, and the bad guys get money.  It’s perverse it really is.

Rest in Peace Mr Hutchings and you fought the good fight, and to put a dying man in the dock based on lies is the lowest this country and this Government can go.

A hero….

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