Cackling Kamala is disrespectful to Americans…

The Vice President blaming White Europeans for finding America!! Wow America you have a racist, misogynistic Vice President who is doing everything to steer the voters away from the catastrophe that is the Biden/Harris Administration.

Don’t forget it is now 42 days, 6 weeks since both she and Swampy Joe abandoned Americans to the terrorists, and who in their view have turned the page. Seems they don’t care that they could be sold to the highest bidder, murdered or used as human shields….Cackling Kamala and Swampy Joe have washed their hands of it all, but did give them a lot of presents for taking over….$85 billion worth of presents.

Thats the political speech for you’re on your own….not our problem anymore. However, they have come up with the idea of “sending aid” to Afghsnostsn.


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