Seems the Capitol riot was not a riot……

Seems the police let the protestors in….BTW excuse the spelling on the video, beyond my control

It’s about time they stopped the egregious lawsuits against Trump as you cannot have a riot when the police invited them in. Instead let’s get down to real issues that need impeachment.

You would think President Trump committed treason by causing the deaths of 13 service personnel and abandoning Americans to the harsh will of the Taliban, and lying to the public by saying that no American will be left behind.

Oh my bad…Thats BIDEN.

Given aid to the enemy terrorists to the tune of $85 billion including blackhawk helicopters, and handing over more equipment in value than Russia spends, and included leaving faithful MWDs (Military Working Dogs) behind despite knowing they could get murdered. However, it seems the Taliban have taken this gracious gift and are now training them as THEIR MWDs.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

Using a drone to murder an innocent family of 10, including 7 children because they were expendable when PR is needed to counteract against the murder of 13 service personnel.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

You would think that he let everyone in at the border including human traffickers, rapists, murderers and paedophiles, and abused his power to force people to get vaccinated.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

You would think his son is a prostitute loving crack smoking fiend, who sells access to his dad for a huge fee of 10% for him and the big guy.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

You would think he is responsible for a larger number of deaths from Covid than his predecessor, and failed to bring in the jobs expected only 159,000 even CNN that well known one sided news programme was disappointed.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

You would think he has used not Presidential but dictatorial powers to have the FBI go after parents as domestic terrorists for not wanting the critical race theory being taught to kids, or as I calling it abusing children by forcing them to learn about something that forces segregation, and denying parents their first amendment rights. BTW the Attorney Generals daughter will become rich from this, as his son in law has “won” the contract to teach this. No wonder her father is determined to destroy opposition..his family want the money gained from this.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

Being responsible for 105% rise in crime throughout some states whilst failing to back the police.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

Instead of going after real terrorists….too busy giving them lots of lovely military hardware enabling them to murder even more innocent people, and when not doing that he is excusing BLM and Antifa from the rioting, looting, arson and murders they committed.

Oh my bad thats BIDEN.

Sent the cost of living spiralling and caused fuel poverty. Cutting a pipeline and throwing thousands on the scrapheap. Forcing America to depend on Russia and the oil States when in reality they had more fuel reserves in January than at any time before.

Oh my bad….THAT’S BIDEN…..

Biden has done all that in 9 months….dear America you are on a road to hell and the coach driver is Biden and his Administration.

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