A cult that still exists today….

In 1968 Mao Zedong the ruthless dictator of China received some mangoes as a gift from the foreign minister of Pakistan. Not being a fan of fruit, Mao gifted forty of them to worker revolutionaries as a reward for their loyalty. This began the “Cult of the Mango”.

Virtually no one in Northern China had seen a mango before and the gifts from Mao took on an almost holy quality. One group of workers preserved their mango in formaldehyde so it could be kept for all eternity. Others made wax replicas. Parades were held for the real mangoes and one group of workers even chartered a plane to fly a single mango to Shanghai.

When one of the mangoes began to rot, workers hastily boiled it. The water was then deemed holy and each of them took a spoonful. Apparently, Mao laughed when he found out.

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