Why housing migrant illegal refugees in your hotel…..

Will eventually ruin your business, and amazing how can they get into a fight at a hotel, but never manage to fight for their homeland. These unwanted guests even started destroying furniture at one hotel.

Absolute cowards…..they should have stayed and fought and those refugees we do want, the ones we owe a duty of care too, can’t get here because we have to put up illegals. We should do a swap.

Deport them back if they are Afghans and here illegally. The Taliban won’t say no….after all they don’t want their countrymen leaving and I can guarantee they are all young men.

Infact now we have families with kids out of control. You would think they would be on their best behaviour. Just deport them all back. If you are here illegally then back you go.

What sort of parent allows their brat to urinate up walls, and throw food around. It is disgusting and we should not have to put up with this. .

I guarantee 90% of them should not and would not be here if Ms Priti Patel actually did her job.

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