If you want a brilliant painting…..

I don’t necessarily advertise for people and I am not being paid at all for this one. This is my decision to do this as these paintings are wonderful, and you can pick them up for a fraction of the price demanded by others, and Pete Rumney draws cards then you can hang up. All in all …they are lovely.

Christmas arrived early today for me!! After lots of requests, I created my Christmas cards straight away for you 🎄😊. If you’d like to view them up close please use this link:

There are 4 designs, 2 of each in a pack of 8. They are smaller than my regular cards, A6 in size but a perfect Christmas card size and for this reason Ive priced them lower at £12.00 with free postage.

Also, each card has a wee rascally 🐇 hidden in each one, so good luck finding that cheeky little bunny in each one 😜

Best wishes


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