An honour to have been asked….

I was delighted to attend the Warrington and Halton Hospital on Tuesday, and meet the most delightful ladies who work for the Charity within the hospital. This is not a Charity that is run by the hospital but one that runs alongside it and whose sole aim is to help others.

The Charity makes life a little bit more comfortable for those of us who use the hospital, and if it is either by providing toiletries to those who have been brought in in an emergency, or handing out emergency clothing and making sure that no one goes home to their accommodation without the essentials of food when they live alone. It really is an amazing charity.

Not only that but they also provide well earned goodies for the staff, and it can include fresh fruit, sweets, chocolates or canned drinks. Just something for a stressed out member of staff to tuck into for a couple of minutes and make them feel that someone cares because lets face it they are do an awesome job. The staff of this Charity really do go above and beyond.

(When I worked at a Mental Health Hospital I always had the bottom drawer full of goodies where staff could come in, shut the door grab a biscuit and a brew and have a rant for 10 minutes. Then they would leave happy as before because they had 10 minutes of someone who cared and it cut down on the staff leaving rate. All they needed was a rant and a shoulder to rant on and any firm who has that sort of person in their building should treasure them as they are doing an amazing job.) I firmly believe that this is the same affect for the hospital staff as lets face it the pressures they are under is something that is hard to comprehend.

I know it takes a special kind of person to go into the NHS and that for me includes all people from the cleaner up to the CEO as one cannot perform without the other, and this Charity aims to provide the support not only to staff but also to us as patients. I know myself I could not have been a nurse as I am not that special type of person, but if I can help those who are then I am all in.

I will be in my capacity as a Veteran contact more and more Veterans who use the hospital, as well as the elderly patients so that they know someone is there for them and to help them should they need it, and as a Governor I am delighted at the thought that I could get to meet people on the wards and tell them the good work that these people do.

I did not join the hospital to attend never ending zoom meetings and for me the fact that I can put not only my experience to good use, but to do so working with some of the loveliest people is one of the reasons I wanted to do Charity work.

I want to give something back for the help they have given me and if I can help raise funds enabling them to help more people then it would have been the best thing I have done.

I will be putting further details on here at a later date and I look forward to a long working relationship with those people who go out of their way to help others, and they do it for no self rewards. Amazing people.

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