The Tory Party has hit a low they cannot escape from….

Do you know I never once felt ashamed to have voted Conservative, until now.

They have voted to suspend the triple lock for this year, due to what they say would have been an unfair increase.

Unfair to who? The pensioners on the old rate of £139.60 or the new rate of £179.60?.

Instead of 8.8% the pensioners will now get 2.5%. The Tory Party is now the lying, thieving party and word to the Chancellor….you have no chance of becoming PM….not now. We the electorate hate parties who lie on manifesto pledges as your word means nothing.

Either way it’s not a fortune is it? I mean it’s not the £85,000 plus those lovely generous expenses that current MPs get. Can’t expect greedy pensioners to expect more now can we?

Ms Coffey in her usual bland tone States that the Government has been fair in the furlough scheme….very generous to those mega rich people who forced taxpayers to pay the Compay wages, before the obnoxious gits put their hands in their pockets, and then crowing that the Government ensured people stayed in paid employment.

One problem there….pensioners did not qualify….so no help to them.

She further states that they have to recoup the money back as it is only fair on taxpayers. Well, why not start with the friends and Landlord of Helping Hands Hancock?? There seems to have been so many friends of MPs and Government Ministers who made millions that you wonder if it was not a done deal…..before they supposedly put in a bid for PPE.

After all they were handing out our billions to any jolly old sort who had an MPs phone number handy… Well Ms Coffey let’s get that money back..

To take the money from the pensioners is disgusting, and my MP Andy Carter voted for it and that makes my blood boil. Next time he puts in his generous expenses claim….tell him no….dont be greedy he gets paid way too much.

To lie to those who votes they rely on will come back and haunt the Conservative party, and I am not old enough for a pension by a dozen years but my god I will remind this MP of this duplicitous backstab when he is out canvassing.

The elderly cannot changes jobs as workers do, they might not have any other money come in as they were told for years that they had paid into the state, and they are even expected to sell their home for care. It is disgusting and an abomination to treat those who taxes put this shower through school, whose taxes provided them with a free university and hospital care.

To put the cost of this virus on the backs of the poorest paid pensioners in Europe is just about as low as you can get, and many many pensioners have to choose between eating and heating, and when they pass away from being malnourished or from lack of heat….each one must be owned by this nasty party.

I hope Mr Carter is open to having all his costs and expenses looked at, as each one will be scrutinised and commented on, as thanks to you and the majority Tories you have made me sick to the stomach at your lack of care.

I am hoping for coalitions from now on because as a singular party….they are all users and useless. Clean the swamp….🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

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