Time to bypass Charles and give the throne to William.

I always believed in the rights of Kings (and Queens) and that their ascension was their birthright but the current goings on with the Prince of Wales has changed my mind.

Prince Charles sent a “gushing” letter to a Russian Oligarch who gave £535,000 to his Prince of Wales Charity, and this Russian wanted British citizenship. This letter would have been an obvious help in his quest for that as lets face anything from a future King opens doors…..

The British Royal Family in recent months has been dragged into the gutter with the antics of the Sussex’s, the Duke of York and now Charles and they are besmirching the good name of the Queen and undoing all of her good work, and lets face it….does this 95 year old widow really need all this at the end of her reign?

Prince Charles sent an effusive letter thanking and ‘offering to meet’ a Russian donor seeking British citizenship after his charity received a £535,000 cash gift.  The Prince of Wales, 72, told Russian financier Dmitry Leus, 51, he was ‘very much looking forward to seeing’ him and explained how ‘incredibly grateful’ he was to him for his six-figure donation to the Prince’s Foundation.  Charles had also met the paid fixer, who arranges meetings with the royal and donors, at a castle residence shortly after Mr Leus’ payment was paid last May, The Sunday Times reports.

In the letter (above) The Prince of Wales told Russian financier Dmitry Leus he was 'very much looking forward to seeing' him and explained how 'incredibly grateful' he was to him for his six-figure donation to the Prince's Foundation

We need to look at the next generation of Kings in Waiting and place the crown on the head of William as that is the only way that the Windsor legacy can be saved, otherwise it is teetering with the current lot. I am not disrespecting Edward, Sophie nor Anne and her husband as they work hard and diligently on behalf of the Crown and do so with little fuss, but there is something so wrong with having the future King made available for money and especially as they cost us a considerable amount to live their extravagant lifestyles.

Gone is the era of expecting the first family of Great Britain to behave above that of the ordinary citizens but to have cash for access leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, and Charles will find it so hard to understand why we dislike it so much and likes his brother he has no idea of what the “little” people expect from him as future King. How do we know he has not written to the Government with these spider letters he is famous for writing and putting forward the name of someone who has the sort of money that can buy access to him? There is more to this than meets the eye and it needs to be uncovered.

The Royal Family are out of touch in the two eldest sons and it is time to look forward to the reign of William and Catherine as he has had something the others had not had, and that is a solid, dependable family of In-Laws in the Middleton’s and we should thank them for showing a future King what being a decent person is, rather than the spoilt brats we currently have.

I am not going into who has profited from the money as the trail for that will be well and truly dusted over but it stinks of corruption, and we cannot have a future King linked to that and this is just one of many “donations” that has resulted in the Fraud office being contacted. We know now that Charles will not fall on his sword but his right hand man Fawcett will but this does not clear him, and a tainted Prince of Wales is not who this country want to show to the world, and therefore it is time for an act of Parliament to bypass him and crown his son when the time comes as only with William on the throne can this family survive into the coming century.

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