135% of last years total in 2/3rds of this year…

Woohoo….135% of last years total already so far, and a 105 countries and its growing which is awesome.

I realise now that some people actually like what I write, and there are some who disagree but like to have a comment, and each comment whether for or against is one of the reasons why I do it, and it is great to know people have such a varied view.

I have moved onto Twitter now but with just comments, and have decided to put just my thoughts and try to stay out of the viciousness that can occur on there. Gosh some of the comments are really mean,….so staying out of that…but still wanted to expand my brand on there and will be recording videos shortly on YouTube that will be available to people, and that will be purely the days events but it will be my point of view.

If anyone is interested in the things I do then please contact me on pointsofsue@gmail.com, and let’s get talking to the world.

In the meantime thank you to all of those who continue to read my blog.

Published by pointsofsue

A place where my points of view are for all to read. Email all enquiries to: pointsofsue@gmail.com

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