The Met Chief is a disaster and must go…

I will leave it to the victims of her disastrous leadership to say it in their own words…

The bombshell letter to Boris. The group tell the Prime Minister: 'Dame Cressida Dick, who has presided over a culture of incompetence and cover-up, must not have her contract extended and must be properly investigated for her conduct, along with her predecessors and those in her inner circle, who she appointed and who have questions to answer'

Alastair Morgan, Baroness Lawrence, Paul Gambaccini, Michael McManus, Nick Bramall, Harvey Proctor, and Lady Brittan

Chequered history of first female chief 

Cressida Dick’s reign as Metropolitan Police commissioner has been overshadowed by controversy over bungled operations and investigations:

1983: She joins the Met as a constable after a brief foray into accountancy.

1993: Becomes a tutor on the accelerated promotion course at Bramshill Police College before transferring to Thames Valley Police as a superintendent.

2000: Completes strategic command course.

2001: Joins Met as a commander and heads Operation Trident investigating gun crime in London’s black communities.

July 22, 2005: She is the gold commander of an armed terror operation in wake of London bombings which mistakenly shot dead Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes in Stockwell Tube station. Met guilty of errors including an ‘utterly chaotic’ control room. She is exonerated.

2008: Sir Ian Blair, her mentor, sacked by London mayor Boris Johnson after a string of cock-ups.

2010: Receives the Queen’s Police Medal.

2015: Awarded a CBE for services to policing. A damehood follows four years later.

April 2017: Appointed as first female Metropolitan Police commissioner with a brief to modernise the force and keep it out of the headlines.

July 2017: Close ally Helen Ball is appointed as an assistant commissioner.

October 2018: Sir Stephen House, a former boss, appointed deputy commissioner and another chain in the Teflon shield being built around her.

April 2019: Extinction Rebellion protesters bring London to a standstill over several days with the Met powerless to prevent the chaos. Dame Cressida says the numbers involved were far greater than expected and used new tactics but she admits police should have responded quicker.

September 2019: Her role in setting up of shambolic probe into alleged VIP child sex abuse and murder is revealed but she declines to answer questions.

2020: Official report into Operation Midland said Met was more interested in covering up mistakes than learning from them.

February 2021: Lady Brittan condemns the culture of ‘cover up and flick away’ in the Met and the lack of a moral compass among senior officers.

  • The same month a freedom of information request reveals an extraordinary spin campaign to ensure Dame Cressida was not ‘pulled into’ the scandal over the Carl Beech debacle.

March: Criticised for Met handling of a vigil for Sarah Everard, where officers arrested four attendees.

  • In the first six months of the year, London was on course for its worst year for teenage deaths – 30 – with knives being responsible for 19 out of the 22 killed so far. The youngest was 14-year-old Fares Matou, cut down with a Samurai sword. Dame Cressida had told LBC radio in May her top priority was tackling violent crime.

June: A £20million report into the Daniel Morgan murder brands the Met ‘institutionally corrupt’ and accuses her of trying to block the inquiry. Dame Cressida rejects its findings.

July: Police watchdog reveals three Met officers being probed over alleged racism and dishonesty.

  • The same month the Yard boss is at the centre of another storm after it emerged she was secretly referred to the police watchdog over comments she made about the stop and search of Team GB sprinter Bianca Williams. Dame Cressida is accused of pre-empting the outcome of an independent investigation.
  • Also in July she finds herself under fire over her woeful security operation at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley where fans without tickets stormed the stadium and others used stolen steward vests and ID lanyards to gain access.

August Dame Cressida facing a potential misconduct probe over her open support for Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Horne who could stand trial over alleged data breaches. (

As a veteran, for me the most disgraceful allegation was against Lord Bramhall. Lord Bramhall was a war hero and had won the MC during WW2 and had been a faithful servant of this country all his adult life.

Lord Bramall. Nick Bramall, son of war hero Field Marshal Lord Bramall who was falsely accused by Operation Midland fantasist Carl Beech (aka 'Nick'), had also felt anxious prior to the meeting. In his sharp suit and tie, the Dorset landscape gardener joked: 'The guys I work with would not recognise me.'
Lord Bramall. Nick Bramall, son of war hero Field Marshal Lord Bramall who was falsely accused by Operation Midland fantasist Carl Beech (aka ‘Nick’), had also felt anxious prior to the meeting. In his sharp suit and tie, the Dorset landscape gardener joked: ‘The guys I work with would not recognise me.’

They raided his house whilst Lady Bramhall was dying of dementia and discussed the case openly in the local village thereby telling all in-sundry the lies against Lord Bramhall. Thankfully, very few people believed them, yet this Met Chief and her minions dragged this out despite knowing he was innocent and his wife died thankfully not knowing the allegations but because of her and the incompetent officers under her, they robbed Lord Bramhall of the peace both he and his wife deserved. Shame on them.

There are the lies against Lord Brittan and he died not knowing that he was cleared and that is cruel.

Leon Brittan
Lord Leon Brittan

Thankfully he has the most amazing wife in Lady Brittan and she fought like the possessed to get her husband cleared and we all know that she will not let this rest. She is on a fight and it is a fight that has only just begun.

Then we have the blatant mishandling and obvious racism with regards to the murder of Stephen Lawrence. He was a good boy who never got into trouble and who would have been a delight to any mother. His awesome mother Baroness Lawrence is not going to let this go and I wish her all the best as the investigation into this young man was botched from day one. It is a stain on this country when a good kid, a great kid can be murdered at a bus stop for nothing more than being black and then to watch the very people who should be on your side make such a mess of it, and all because he was a young black man. Its is racism from the very top of the Met and that evil ran down the ranks.

Stephen Lawrence. Baroness Lawrence suggested that after the Rotherham child sex gang allegations were ignored by police, the Met had been 'trying to cover their backs' by believing anything which was subsequently alleged
Stephen Lawrence

To all those who were the victims of this disgraceful Met Chief continue the fight as you have right on your side and the public can see what a disaster she is. Mind you, the Home Secretary is a disaster and both should go.

We have no faith in the Met anymore. Murders are up and it seems that are there more murders they can’t even be bothered to investigate properly like the axe murder of Journalist Daniel Morgan.

Daniel Morgan

In June, Dame Cressida was engulfed in cover-up claims after an official £20million report branded the Met ‘institutionally corrupt’ and accused her of trying to thwart an inquiry into the unsolved axe murder of private eye Daniel Morgan.

His brother Alastair is one of the seven figures to sign today’s letter to the Prime Minister. Dame Cressida has rejected the key findings of the probe into the Morgan case, which has been mired in allegations of police corruption.

To have the Head of the Met become the story shows that it is time to go and not up to the Lords as she will be in the same place as the same victims she failed and I am sure they do not want to see her there, and she get no more gongs for blatant failure.

I do not understand what is wrong with this country where we hound out those who are the asset and then promote the most incompetent people. Can you imagine a private company picking the most useless individual to be their CEO? Cressida Dick is the wrong person for the job and they need someone who can bring the Met up-to-date and as the Met is currently untrusted, corrupt and full of cover ups and then we expect them to do a good job?

You can only do a great job if the leadership at the top can manage and she can’t. I firmly believe your average Police Officer wants to do a great job, they want to protect the public and they are not interested in cover ups, but not at the top. They want nothing more than to cover up their ineptitutde and find innocent victims to be the fall guys.

The Met has always had an air of corruption at the top, but now we have that and incompetenance and it needs to stop. Dick is supposed to represent the best of the best, and if she is the best of the best then we as a country are in serious trouble with regards to our policing.

She should have been fired over the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Underground. She was in charge and they murdered an innocent man and all the IOPC Independent Office for Police Conduct did was dismiss any complaint. Time to get rid of them too.

Dame Cressida Dick
Dame Cressida Dick

Until we have accountability at the Met then we will continue to have innocent victims and it is costing the taxpayers millions, and this is all because they have a mediocre leader at the top who will go to extraordinary lengths to hide her very poor leadership and mistakes.

Not what you expect from someone who is supposed to uphold the law and it is time to kick out the rotten apples.

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