Biden trying to sack those who are good at their job. He really is stupid and it will cost the American taxpayer millions….

It seems being voted in for a 3 year term means nothing to this feckless President. He has demanded the resignation of 18 Trump appointed nominees from the non partisan military boards. Amazing how a supposed liberal President who wanted to be the President of all can then attempt to fire 18 nominees who also were also former military officers who swore an oath of allegiance to America all because they were picked by Trump.

These people have correctly argued that they were appointed for 3 years and plan to serve that 3 years, after all I should imagine the people of America want this current President fired as he is useless. Those he wants to sack are aiming to bring common sense to the posts they hold and will not allow the military to become a leftist project, as they have seen already the damage the left woke can do and it cost 13 military lives, and the abandonment of hundreds and hundreds of Americans to boot.

They unlike Biden will do what is best for the military as they understand it. They are not an fortunate son like Biden who was old enough by the way for Vietnam, and unlike him they can act with honour and do what is right.

This is nothing more than a political witch hunt by this woke Administration and it will end in a massive lawsuit as they are not being sacked for incompetence but rather to suit an Administration who wants to destroy the military with their weird, wacky and unconstitutional ideas.

This will be one more failure to add to the list of massive failures that are already under the belt of this Administration, and they need to learn that you cannot fire people who don’t agree with you but who have done a good job….its not cricket and its unlawful.

Time for a new President and Vice President as the current two are the worst in the history of the United States…after all this is all they can do is laugh, criticise, abandon and look at watches when the military dead are brought back. Not really Presidential material are they!!!

The fathers of the dead military personnel expressing their disgust…

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