Where is the home fit for heroes…

“We won didn’t we Sarge?”

“That’s it lad, you can go home now,
the fightings done and we won.”

“It doesn’t feel like we won Sarge”
What with so many young men and women dead.So many lives ruined.”

“No lad, it doesn’t
but we survived, so we won.” “What’ll I do now Sarge?

“You’ll be fine lad.
They’re making a land fit for heroes back home ”They’ll take care of you”.

“But Sarge, my mind’s a mess and my body sore I really don’t know who I am anymore.How will I survive the peace?”

“Don’t you worry lad you’ve done your duty,They’ll look after you.”

“Hello Sarge it’s been a few years
we’ve shed a few tears and time has passed,
But we’re still here eh Sarge,We won.”

“How you keeping lad?
Did they keep their promises
As you kept yours
fighting in their wars?”

“No Sarge, I sleep rough on the street and my mental health isn’t good.I have to beg for help but you know Sarge, I don’t like to. But we won though, didn’t we Sarge.Just they forgot to build a land fit for heroes.”

“Aye lad, we won.
Here’s five pounds.Go get yourself a coffee lad.There’s no more I can do.Since I got back home I’ve been just the same as you.”

“But we’ll get through it won’t we Sarge?”

“Of course lad, we always do.We have to we owe it to our fallen comrades.They may forget us and the promises made leaving our heroes on the street.But we never forget.
No lad. We never forget.”

Before immigrants house our heroes….

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