They knew the attack would happen at Kabul Airport……..

The Biden Administration have been called out because leaked information from the Pentagon ended up with Politico about the attack on the gate at Kabul Airport. 3 times they gave mealy mouthed excuses….surely if its a lie…its a straight NO….

They knew the exact date and time and still put American soldiers in harms way killing 13 young, brave men and women.

The Pentagon response…not going to discuss it in public …wait what??? Its something the American public must demand to know.

Thats your Administration America….murdering your soldiers for a political end. If this had been Trump there would be riots.

That is why I truly believe that the drones used after were just dropped on random people. After all, if this Administration can stand by and watch some of its own military get murdered….what’s a few Afghan children to them? It’s sickening….

I feel so sorry for the relatives of those brave sacrificial lambs whose President and Administration didn’t care about one jot, and the innocent children murdered by them too.

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