Prince William steps up to the plate and saves a family…..

Prince William took responsibility for ensuring that a friend who was an Afghan Officer he had been through Sandhurst with got out of Afghanistan before Kabul fell. He was well aware of what the Taliban would do this family and he knew he did not have time to wait.

He asked his equerry Naval Officer Rob Dixon to contact personnel in the region and the former cadet, who is thought to have served in the Afghan national army, and his relatives were permitted to board a flight at Kabul airport to Britain. He did it all with little fan fair and he has saved the lives of a family by going above the heads of the Government and doing what was right.

The officer in Afghanistan had previously worked closely with British troops and his role had left him and his family, which included women and children, in a vulnerable position within the country, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Following his rescue, former paratrooper Major Andrew Fox, said the Duke’s intervention was ‘fully in line with what we get taught in the Army in terms of values’. He told The Daily Telegraph: ‘I myself got 2 Para to rush out into the crowd and grab someone for me.   ‘It’s fully in line with what we get taught in the Army in terms of values, loyalty, respect for others, all that good stuff. We’re trained to help where we can.

He has shown his brother a lesson here that action is necessary in these cases and not the nonsensical description word salad on a website. I know that the Monarchy is going to be in a very safe pair of hands when this fine upstanding man becomes King as he knows when to take the bull by the horns and do something, and that has got to be a good thing as he showed a full understanding of what is happening and acted immediately and with compassion.

He should be very proud of his “interference” as due to his prompt actions he has saved the lives of a family, but then for me he has gone from strength to strength with the Duchess of Cambridge by his side and taking lessons and advice from HM The Queen.

Well done HRH The Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

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