Cancelling or suspending the triple lock will cost the Tory party much more.

It now seems inevitable that the Chancellor Rishi Sunak is going to suspend the Triple Lock Guarantee that was in the manifesto and promised to the pensioners. They say temporarily but this is a long dark road to cancelling it, as if you can do it once then you can do it again.

Rishi Sunak
The Chancellor.

This is because the Wages Index Link is now 8.8% and this would have resulted in a £1200 a year increase for pensioners. Lets not forget that these pensioners are amongst some of the poorest paid throughout the West.

We are told that this is because it would be unfair…..on who? Who would it be unfair on? Those pensioners who have worked their adult life to pay into this? Its not a benefit but a right as they have worked for this. It is not like they can add to it by earning the £108 a week as those on tax credits can before any deductions start. The small pittance they get is it…there is nothing more. It seems the Chancellor prefers the 3% which will give them around about £250a year. That equates to £4.80 a week increase instead of the £25 promised. That £4.80 will be took up by local tax increases and the utility bills….so once again they gain nothing.

There are currently 5 Cabinet members who are currently against the 2% increase on National Insurance that the Health Secretary wants as they are thinking it would be unfair on the younger generation, yet so few are sticking up for the pensioners. This is to pay for your care when older yet they are willing to take FOUR TIMES AS MUCH AS THAT OFF PENIONERS.

When I was a young adult the interest rate was 15% and climbing and house prices were growing. This meant that our pound was worth so much less than it is today. Jobs were not as plentiful as they are now and the cost of living was higher but we did not blame the generations before us and shame on the Conservative Government for saying it is unfair today. We only had family benefit when the children were young and not the tax credits and others credits they get today. It seems that Tories have forgotten the hardship that we had to go through, and did we moan….nope….just got on with it.

The elderly now who have worked all their lives and have savings or own their own houses are forced to sell these and deplete their savings if they need help and they have paid all their lives too. So where is the fairness in that?

If the Chancellor decided to rob the poorest of people of a once in a lifetime decent rise then he can kiss goodbye to his chances of ever being Prime Minister. A lot of the elderly have to make the choice between heating or eating due to their money being so low. £137 a week is all the current pensioners get now. That is nothing and it must be so difficult to live on. Don’t forget these are the generation who were told that paying into the state meant they would be looked after. So, if I was a young person today I would take it with a pinch of salt that the planned 2% rise would go to their care when older. Governments lie….and this will just end up in the ATM that is use to pay for everything. So, do what we did…pay as much as you can into a private pension as the promises today from a Government means nothing tomorrow, and this Government will rip you off and break promises. Infact, they all do.

There has been Directors of these fiscal companies who state it is unfair to give the pensioners such an increase….unfair on who??? The last thing pensioners need is those who earn multi million pound annual wages and shares worth far more…telling those on a low income that they are being greedy. They would spend more than £137 on a lunch one day!!!

Health gap between rich and poor pensioners growing in Scotland with less  well off having to work longer - Daily Record

If the Tory party steal this money from the pensioners then they can expect to lose the next election. They have already started taking the £20 uplift back from those on Universal Credit and this is going to make their 50 blue seats that demolished the red wall more than likely be rebuilt as red. You cannot take from the poorest in society especially when this Chancellor is having a £400,000 gym built in his own home.

These people have no idea of what it means to struggle. I can guarantee that if he steals from the pensioners whether by permanently taking the triple lock away or just putting it on hold will result in the anger of millions of grey voters, and when the Tory party lose the next election they will need to look at why and the biggest thing that will jump out at them is that you cannot rob from the poorest in society and then expect them to vote for you.

As I said to Mr Points of Sue I will not vote again as not one of them is honest enough and doesn’t matter what they promise you in their manifesto, they will break it when it suits them and if they cannot keep their promises when trying to get into power…what good are they once they have conned you.

What will happen is that the older Tory voters won’t vote Labour….they just won’t vote and Boris Johnson and the other Tory MPs will be lucky to keep their seats.

Disgraceful behaviour from the Government and this Chancellor and sadly you can put all the parties into this sort of underhanded behaviour as they are all just interested in power….for them.

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