I hope they don’t kiss their mothers with those potty mouths…

I am of course talking about the armchair warriors who sent in foul mouthed comments regarding my blog about the youngsters.

Oh it was so funny them telling me to get a job, when in reality I have worked successfully enough to privately retire at 50..something they will never do as they are no doubt too outraged to get out of bed to work.

They expect people like me to pay for everything…and infact demanded that those over a certain age…continue to give them a free ride to pay for our mistakes no less…. Oh dear the real world will eat them alive when they leave their mothers basement.

The thing that was hard to miss was the language, and true to form you cannot have an intelligent discussion with individuals who obviously only read one post and then go straight to the permanently offended position.

You see if they had, they would realise that unlike them I have manners and would not allow any of their foul mouthed rants on my blog page….but then if they had bothered to read my blog further, they would have known that.

So to the individuals who think they are funny when writing their anonymous comments, (they are certainly not grown up)….well here is a tip for you, your comments ended up in the garbage where they suitably belonged, and save yourself the rant as nothing you comment on will be published.

If you cannot write a counter argument without bad language and personal insults then don’t bother, but thanks for the laugh as I found your irate levels hilarious….but seriously don’t kiss your mother with those potty mouths…..

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