The Government has abandoned 150 British people, and have no idea of the number of Interpreters left.

The British Government has tried to positively spin the fact that we managed to get thousands out, but can we honestly say we have done the right thing by leaving the thousands of people that are still there?

This will now become a hostage situation and they are British people who we owe a duty of care too, and those brave Afghans who worked with us which the British Government has now admitted they don’t know the numbers of those left. That is a shocking admission.

Ministers today admitted they have no idea how many Afghan citizens the UK left behind in Afghanistan after Britain completed its withdrawal from the country. The UK airlifted thousands of people out of Kabul but the Government has conceded that it was not able to rescue everyone who is eligible to come to Britain. James Cleverly, the Foreign Office Minister, said this morning that it is ‘impossible’ to put a number on how many people failed to make it out after the Taliban took power. (

To even have to admit this is disappointing as we have abandoned those who are British and even worse those who helped us when we needed their help, and who in turn have been left when they need us. This is not how the British behave. We never abandon our people and it is a shocking and shameful chapter that we have entered into.

James Cleverly, the Foreign Office Minister, said this morning that it is 'impossible' to put a number on how many people failed to make it out after the Taliban took power
James Cleverly, the Foreign Office Minister, said this morning that it is ‘impossible’ to put a number on how many people failed to make it out after the Taliban took power

Apparently the Government are believing the Taliban assurances from the terrorists group. ‘We have received assurances from the Taliban that all foreign nationals and any Afghan citizen with travel authorization from our countries will be allowed to proceed in a safe and orderly manner to points of departure and travel outside the country.’   Yet did the Taliban not say that they did not want people leaving? They will not let people leave…even I know that! On what planet is our Government on? They are actually taking the words of the bad guys. Is this because it gives them that little comfort blanket to lie there head on or to quote when questioned as to why we abandoned those who have helped us.

Asked how many people were left behind, Mr Cleverly told Sky News: ‘Well, that’s an impossible number to put a figure on. We had three methods by which, or vehicles by which, people could leave Afghanistan. Obviously British nationals, we have a much better idea of how many British nationals were in Afghanistan. The vast, vast bulk of British nationals have now left Afghanistan. The Arap scheme, those Afghans, interpreters and others, who had worked directly for us and with us, have their scheme, but also we extended to Afghans who were at risk of reprisals and there was no set number of people in that third group.

What we have sadly is a number of those in Government positions who have never served and who have no understanding of the need to get out the people who helped us, after all our word is our bond and should we ever get dragged into a situation again who would help us? In a foreign country it is necessary to get those who live in the area, those who know the area best to give us intelligence and aid. All we will have done now is turn those against us and who will refuse to help us. This will severely restrict our ability to carry out vital missions.

Mr Cleverly later admitted that hundreds of emails sent from people desperate to get out of Afghanistan and sent to the foreign office has gone unopened. Dear god it gets worse. Why was no-one actually monitoring these emails and dealing with them in a timely manner? This is incompetence at best and total disregard for human life at worst.

Mr Cleverly further stated ‘Well, you have got to remember that when we extended our evacuation efforts to Afghan nationals we of course received a flood of requests and those were worked through and they will continue to be worked through. ‘But I know my own inbox had a huge number of emails came through, some duplicates, and of course we focused on the people who were at the airport who were being processed and who we felt that we could get out through Kabul airport whilst we still had security of Kabul airport. We will of course continue to work through applications from people who have contacted us, people who are still trying to get out of Afghanistan.’  

So, Mr Cleverly working through these emails and applications is great but how do you plan to get them out? Are you going to ask the Taliban really really nicely with flowers if they can let out the people who worked with us? What planet are these people on. Sadly, he is nice and comfortable behind his desk and paying lip service to those who are stuck and again this is nothing more than PR spin.

I am sick and tired of peoples lives being used for a political spin. If its not Biden and Harris in the States, then it is our British Government. Peoples lives are not expendable as an afterthought to try and make some politician look good!

Mr Cleverly further stated that he plans to keep an eye on the Taliban…how? Does he think like the UN and that a strongly worded letter or a television interview stating what bad people they are will do it? I can imagine they will be shaking in their boots from laughter! There is nothing more this Government or the American Government can do….oh sorry…the Biden Administration will no doubt take up their favourite sport…dropping drone bombs on innocent people.

This has been FUBR from day one. If you had read on my blog why Donald Trump had stated a May 1st deadline to get out then it makes total sense as to why it should have been done by then. If both the UK and American Government had demanded on this date being kept then they could have taken people out in a timely manner but they didn’t, and this must rest with the total incompetence of both Governments.

Sadly, I don’t think they will do anything and even the pictures of the executions of those brave Afghans who helped us and their families will prompt nothing more than a statement and very little else, and the Government minister will still continue to sleep soundly in their beds at night.

This is embarrassing and shameful and may god help those who have been abandoned as there is no military coming to their aid.

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