Shame on the MOD for trying to smear Pen Farthing…

Another day and another smear campaign from the MOD against Pen Farthing and his rescue of animals from Kabul.

Somehow a voice recording of Pen Farthing losing his temper made it to the mainstream media.

Wow….a mole in the MOD…..surely they need to look into this and get it sorted straight away, but somehow I doubt it as they are trying to cover up their own incompetence by shifting the blame to Pen Farthing and his determination to get innocent animals out of that hell hole.

Another day and another lie from the MOD where they state that in all probability the evacuation of Mr Farthing’s rescue animals cost lives. Well show us! Show us where it cost lives? Last time I heard people did not go into the cargo hold but rather animals did. Mr Farthing had tried desperately to get his animals and his staff out and the people were refused because one President Joe Biden had changed the rules on visas and the staff were denied entry.

Mr Farthing had a meeting with the staff and it was their decision that he get the animals out as otherwise if the staff and the animals don’t make it, what would it have been for? Their legacy is the fact that so many of the rescued animals are going to homes. They are homes of those who served in Afghanistan and had adopted the animals themselves, or those who have died in the line of duty but who had wrote home asking their family to adopt the cat or the dog they had grown to love. These cats and dogs are the link to normality for people in a war zone and to have that wet nose, that lick on the cheek or the snuggling up can make all that brutality go away in a heartbeat if only for a little while

I read with tears in my eyes of one family waiting for their rescue dog to arrive. Their son had adopted him whilst on tour in Afghanistan and he sadly had been killed by a sniper and he had written home with letters about this beautiful four legged friend who had adopted him, and how he felt so much better with him around. There was no question of him not going to the family home because as mum said “there is something of my son in him”. That is why Pen Farthing did what he did.

He knows that these animals are often the link to the loss of a serviceman or woman, or that they endured the hardships of soldiers and now the soldiers cannot be without their friend. The animals have in effect served the British Armed Forces by being there and never leaving their human and shame on the MOD for trying to smear the man and the charity for doing this.

The MOD have been incompetent with equipment getting to our Armed Forces, and the desk jockeys in the MOD have little idea of what is happening as lets face it this is not their finest hour and they know it and we know it, and they need to try and blame something else. That is how they work.

Pen Farthing lost his temper but lets face it…he is a former Royal Marine who served 22 years and did 4 tours of the war zones and he knew what was coming. He had the responsibility for the animals and his staff and he kept hitting brick walls in the MOD and I defy anyone to keep their cool when bombs are going off all round, and the bad guy is a heartbeat away from kicking your door in….then of course you would swear.

I am sure the person involved will get over being described as “the likes of you people”, because if that is all he has to hurt his feelings then he will live another day.

This smear campaign has to stop against Pen Farthing and I one for one totally support him. The British soldiers in Afghanistan offered their help to get the animals on board and lets face it, when you have people trying to kill you and bomb you to then spend an hour with the animals and feel normal, watching that arc of love lifting off would have raised their spirits and well done the guys on the ground. We can always rely on those on the ground to do the right thing, even if the Defence Secretary is bleating like a spoilt child…..What a pity we have such bad politicians running our country….but at least we can take comfort in the likes of Pen Farthing and the military who helped him.

Lets not forget it is politicians who take the decision to start wars…not the military and certainly not the animals. Well done Mr Farthing.

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