There are only 72 hours left….

Another day and another cock-up from Sleepy Joe and his administration of fairy stories and untruths as they spout more lies, but now the truth is catching up with them and they don’t like it. After all why be honest with people when you can lie, lie and lie again.

Jen Psaki and the Defence Secretary are now admitting that not everyone will get out by the 31st August. She states that there are no people being left stranded and she is right, from the 31st August they will be abandoned and this will not sit well with the people in the United States of America.

This was done two days ago and as we know from yesterday, Biden will not extend the deadline of the 31st August 2021 and his Defence Secretary (whose name by the way he cannot remember) has stated that there will be people, Americans who will be left and that is horrifying.

There is also those who worked for the American Military who will be left to the terror of the Taliban, and this will have a knock on effect as lets face it no one will want to work with the American or indeed any allied armies because their word means nothing.

American civilians and Afghan allies have three days to flee Kabul before evacuation efforts end, a former CIA officer and terrorism expert has claimed. Pictured: US Air Force members guide evacuees on board a US aircraft on Tuesday
Evacuation from Kabul.

Joe Biden and the Vice President have to own this mess….they made it by withdrawing the military out first and then trying to get out the civilians. As usual Biden has made a mess of things as he should never given up Bagram airbase as it would have given another area for exiting but then Biden and his administration never even bothered to inform the Afghans working at Bagram that they were shutting it down.

BAGRAM, Afghanistan (AP) — The U.S. left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said.

Who in their right mind shuts down one of the biggest airbases in the country? Oh yes ….Biden and his administration and then try to bury that news.

Jen Psaki said today that the withdrawal from Bagram was a triumph….despite admitting that some will be left behind. If that is triumph….then what is the acceptable level of failure by Biden?

The reality is that the Taliban are not scared of the United States of America because they have the weakest Commander in Chief ever. Donald Trump was unpredictable and that frightened the bad guys and that is why they would work with him. People are now seeing how appalling bad Biden and his administration are…

The Taliban are now stopping any Afghan from leaving and that is especially those who were employed by the Allies. They are also stopping people regardless of what country actually getting through and this is despite Biden talking tough as he says. Talking tough….don’t make me laugh that man doesn’t know what day it is never mind talking tough.

Sadly, the United States of America will be seeing on their news channels pictures of American hostages held in Afghanistan and if not captured by the Taliban, then they will fall into the hands of ISIS or Al Qaeda, and there is nothing this lack lustre President will be able to do.

He states that he will hit the Taliban with American fire power if necessary….he talks pure rubbish. If he does that then he will risk a fire fight and that will be the deaths of more Americans as who does he think they will use as a human shield and he does not have the stomach for a fight. We all know that and so do the Taliban.

Joe Biden has been wrong on every policy in his 47 years in power and you would honestly think he would be fed up of being wrong, or the American public would have seen through him but it seems not.

I do not think this going to end well. The President of the United States did not inform the allies of his decision to pull out and they have asked him again and again to keep boots on the ground with them to ensure all those who need to get out, get out but he has refused again and again. It is said he spoke for 7 minutes at the G7 Virtual Summit…6 of those were no doubt spent fumbling for his words and written answers on the cards.

  • Former CIA officer Sam Faddis has claimed Americans and Afghan allies stuck in Kabul actually have far less time to evacuate 
  • The terrorism expert told he’s been informed civilian evacuation flights out of Afghanistan are set to end in three days – not August 31 
  • ‘Biden decided we’re pulling out within 72 hours. We’re gone, and it doesn’t matter who’s left on the ground,’ Faddis said citing military sources 
  • US forces need time to get out and have to ‘collapse on themselves to maintain some sort of security perimeter,’ he added
  • A military contractor who spoke to on the condition of anonymity claimed that he too had been told that the deadline was swiftly approaching
  • ‘They’re talking uniformed military personnel out by the 31st, and they’re giving a shorter window for all non-military civilians,’ he said

The fact that you have a President stating that it doesn’t matter who is left on the ground is really despicable, and he will go down in history as the worst President in US history as he is willing to let Americans die in a foreign country under the brutal rule of the Taliban, and where there will be no possibility of even repatriating their bodies back to the States for their loved ones, all because he has decided to stand squarely behind his decision and one where he ignored the advice of his Generals and totally ignored the notes left for him by Trump and his administration, who actually had it all planned and where the pull out would have been done with troops being the last to leave and all equipment destroyed so the terrorists don’t get their hands on it.

It is not the leaving Afghanistan that has caused this issue but the fact that the leaving has been done by Biden in such a way that he is not concerned by the fact that he will leave his own countrymen and women to a fate worse than anything imagined, and how much do you want to bet that these videos of executions will end up on the internet. After all a terrorist cannot stop being a terrorist and they know that the best way to create anarchy and unrest in the United States of America is to show their countrymen being murdered.

Wonder how Psaki will spin that, or how will Cackling Harris talk her way out that? As for Biden he won’t care and he never has and as a President and a Commander in Chief…he is a disgrace.

These blog posts will never criticise the American Military as they are some of the bravest people but it is just terribly sad that their Commander in Chief is the very opposite. This is what you get when a career politician becomes President. They believe their own hype and BS and it will cost the innocent lives of Americans before he is dragged from the Whitehouse, and sadly what is waiting in the wings is even worse.

Good luck America you are going to need it………….

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