Does it really matter where permission came from?? Just get the animals out………

I am of course talking about the row that has broken out in the corridors of power due to the fact that former Royal Marine Pen Farthing, his 69 members of staff and their families and the animals in their care now have permission to board the flight that has been arranged for them, after being told by the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace he was not prepared to have a mercy flight for those who can least help themselves.

Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary was overruled by the Prime Minister who gave his official permission for the rescue flight to go ahead (Mr Farthing had actually raised the funds to get them all out), and I am in total agreement with Boris Johnson. I am of no doubt that his wife Carrie had a full say in it, but then thanks to her the animal welfare act has now some teeth….in effect….animal abusers will get up to 5 years and not before long. So yes I will thank her if she has intervened.

The Defence Secretary stated that you cannot evacuate animals over humans, but then his argument went out of the window when a armoured car was on a transport plane out of there. A car….seriously….a car was more important than anything else??

A furious row has tonight broken out over an animal rescue flight from Kabul amid claims the Prime Minister’s wife intervened to help get approval for the emergency airlift. Boris Johnson is believed to have personally overruled his Defence Secretary’s desire to prioritise human over animal evacuations for Afghanistan. Ben Wallace had been adamant that the Ministry of Defence would prioritise ‘people over pets’ as the Government scrambles to evacuate thousands of British nationals trapped at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul – which fell under Taliban control last week

Tagging Mr and Mrs Johnson, Mr Wallace, Mr Farthing and the Nowzad charity in a video published on Twitter this afternoon, activist Mr Dyer said: ‘Finally, finally the Prime Minister has taken control of the situation with Pen Farthing, his people and his dogs.  ‘At 1.30 this morning, under huge pressure, after he had seen the media coming through this morning after the G7 summit, after realising we can’t extend the airport as (Joe) Biden won’t allow it beyond the 31st of August, he has reeled in Ben Wallace.

‘And he’s also got Ben Wallace now to go out publicly at 1.30 this morning on his social media and confirm three critical issues: that Pen Farthing’s people, all his staff and dependents are now approved by the Home Secretary, Foreign Office and Prime Minister to leave the country; that they will be given secure access to the airport; and that if Pen brings his dogs with him they will be allowed to go in with the cats into the airport and we will be allowed to put a plane down on that runway to take them out of Kabul and back to Britain. That is a huge, huge victory for common sense, compassion and care for people and animals in this country. Ben Wallace was out by the wings yesterday, and they’ve just fallen off. He’s been told that he’s not dictating the policy on this issue in the Government.’ 


But a video of the Vauxhall entering the cargo jet prompted comedian Ricky Gervais to tweet: 'Urgent: @PenFarthing is brave and kind. Such honour should be rewarded. He's still trying to save others in the face of grave danger. He shouldn't be left behind. And they rescued a f*****g car? Shame. #OperationArk'
Actor Peter Egan added: 'Can it be possible that ⁦@BWallaceMP⁩ is ok about airlifting a car but not sentient animals!!'

Pen Farthing set up his charity after coming across starving animals whilst serving in Afghanistan. Don’t forget this brave man has served a full 22 years in the Royal Marines and he has earned his passage out, along with the people and the animals. If the Defence Secretary had continued with his stupid stance then Mr Farthing stated he was going to have to put the animals to sleep as he knew that the Taliban would murder all the animals, and if not murder them then mutilate and be cruel to them. How could the Defence Secretary ever have turned his back on someone who was a shining light in an otherwise dark period? This will not settle well with veterans as the Defence Secretary was in effect going to leave this brave servant of the country to the Taliban, as we know that Mr Farthing would have been reluctant to leave and even less reluctant to put his animals down, as when you are animal lover….you cannot turn away and the thought of them being hurt breaks your heart.

I am delighted he stood his ground and is going to get the cats and dogs out as they have been through hell already, and it is only because of good people like him and his wife that they have managed to survive this far.

Pen Farthing
Pen Farthing with one of his rescued dogs.

I don’t care that he is coming out via a private plane. It was arranged privately and at no cost to the Government and all he wanted was the permission for the plane to land, and them to get on it with the animals and I am struggling to understand why the Defence Secretary was being so inhumane over this.

Celebrities including actor Ricky Gervais and Dragons Den star Deborah Meaden, who back the Nowzad charity, slammed the Government's attitude towards evacuating animals

Mr Farthing, his staff and his animals will be glad to get here, and I am sure the dogs and cats will go to lovely homes and at least they will no longer have the worry about being in Afghanistan. Instead of a life of pain, they will have rolling hills, plenty of space and love and that is what it is all about.

I started this blog by defending Mrs Johnson and she has my support at each and every decision taken to help with the welfare of animals and why not? We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers and it only seems natural to take them in. It is just a pity we cannot take more as I sadly know and so do many of my readers, that there are more in need of our help and that help will never be coming.

It breaks your heart it really does.

So to those politicians and civil servants trying to cause trouble for the Prime Minister’s wife, it won’t work and all I can say is thank god we have a Prime Ministers wife who is putting her feelings, her thoughts and her personality on the line for the good of those who cannot help themselves.

For those who are interested and want to make a donation then please click the link below as Mr Farthing, his staff and the gorgeous animals will need our help more than ever to establish themselves here in the United Kingdom.

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