121% increase in viewers and 103 countries….

Thank you once again to my readers for taking the time out to read my comments and my thoughts as that is all they are.

I am always excited each week when I start to collate the figures and passing the 100 mark for countries has been one of the most exciting as there are 195 countries in the World and I now stand at 103. It is not bad for someone who took up blogging because of taking early retirement and wanting to keep busy.

In collating my figures I am currently at 121% of viewers compared to the figures for the whole of last year and that is a huge jump and it is then you realise that the World is smaller than you think, and that reaching so many countries is awesome and the thought that someone reads my words once they are posted is humbling.

So, more onwards and upwards and politics at this moment in time is complicated, time consuming and disheartening especially when you see the upheaval, the pain and the suffering and for the time coming there will be very little good news and very little to celebrate.

Bloggers like me who write their thoughts are often where people go to get some information as it seems in the States that some of the MSM are not being honest with the population and that is shameful, as the truth should never be hid for the benefit of the fortunate few. The people can handle the truth if you tell them the truth good or bad, and whilst it seems MSM will continue to lie and try to direct a narrative people like me will continue to see their blogging site grow.

Thank you….you really are special people to me. xx

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