Biden has abandoned Afghanistan, his G7 counterparts and now the people stuck at the airport who will become hostages….

President Joe Biden will stick to his August 31 deadline to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan despite pressures from G7 leaders to extend it
Biden and the G7

Biden is doing what Biden has done for the last 7 months and that is put the United States of America, its citizens and its allies at risk. The West is waiting for his speech on today’s meeting and it is now 3 hours late. Whats up did Sleepy Joe get lost again in the rose bushes again? (I will be blogging about his speech tomorrow as it is getting later and later).

He lied to the America public when he stated that the G7 were behind him in his decision, as today has shown it is exactly the opposite. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were among the leaders who urged Biden to keep boots on the ground longer during the Tuesday meeting. European leaders are worried there is not enough time to evacuate everyone who wants out. 

It seems the CIA are actually in talks with the Taliban. They are talking to the terrorists and they have achieved nothing as the Taliban have the upper hand and Sleepy Joe seems to have trouble understanding that. Does the President of the United States really think that he can then ask the West to get behind him on any fight he plans to commit the United States too? We cannot rely on him to not turn round and abandon everyone as and when it suits him and this is not the military that I and millions know, as we know that the American military will always want to protect its citizens and its friends against the bad guy…..its just their political masters who are the disappointment.

The fact that this man is the President of the United States is a sad indictment on the voters and they openly chose a man who even President Obama said “Don’t underestimate Biden’s ability to f*** things up”, and he has and he caused a total breakdown in the United States, and now there will be terrorist attacks because the Taliban now have the upper hand. They will back their Islamic Brothers ISIS and Al Qaeda to create murder and mayhem in the West, and what will Sleepy Joe do? His Secretary of State states that America will reserve the right to go back in….give me strength! Does the fool honestly think that the Taliban are worried? They now have the backing of Iran, China and Russia as well as North Korea and all those other rogue states who will back them.

The United States of America now has like the allies till the 31st August 2021 to get out its citizens despite Great Britain and Europe wanting to keep boots on this ground as they know this will not happen for everyone. The Press Secretary for the Whitehouse Ms Psaki has blasted a member of the press corp for using the word stranded. She does not think it is a suitable word…well here are some others….stuck, shafted, forgotten, disposed of…which one would she like to lie to the public with? As there are so many people who have stated they are stranded but the liberal lying politicians don’t like that word do they? Are their little fee fees hurt because someone used a big word?

They would sooner lie to the public and hide the truth from them and the truth is that this President, the Vice President, the Secretary of State and the weak wet Generals in the Whitehouse would sooner blast the press for stating the obvious, rather than trying to get the people out of there. The weak wet Generals would sooner go after the “imaginary” white rage uprising…..which by the way…the CIA, FBI and the other Government Agencies can find NO evidence that it was an uprising, but rather people who had come together to argue over the fact the weakest, most incompetent man had been voted in. Seems half of America knew what he was and is.

After all, these were the same people who had had months of their houses, businesses and communities being burnt to the ground, businesses robbed and people mugged, murdered etc because of the likes of Biden, Harris, Pelosi and all the other Democratic morons telling BLM and Antifa that they had to fight and continue to fight. There is no doubt of what they said…it is on video tape but the wet, weak Generals are not looking for real terrorists….just imaginary ones.

An aerial picture taken Monday shows crowds and traffic outside the Kabul airport as Americans and Afghan allies attempt to flee Afghanistan
Afghanistan Airport.

This is Afghanistan and this is real folks. The President of the United States is preparing to pull out whilst American citizens are stuck in Afghanistan. There are people who cannot get to the airport and he has banned the American Military from going out to get them. The British have sent in their Special Forces to rescue people and this included a reporter from the Washington Post. The Military should tell Biden to pack his bags as he won’t be President when they get home, and they should get out of the airport and go get its citizens. I should imagine they are demoralised and very angry and upset…but anger being the most prevalent feeling. We have heard for years the saying that America is the mightiest nation on the planet and that they are a military might with the leader of the free world as its leader…..well not now.

Sadly, and this is no reflection on the military as I am a veteran and I know that the American Armed Forces are amongst some of the best in the world, but they have a dud at its helm, a dead weight in the guise of its Commander in Chief, and now the world no longer fears America as they cannot trust its Head of State and with that loss of fear, that loss of prestige and that loss of military might…other countries will suffer.

While Biden and his administration have said the Taliban has promised safe passage to the airport for American citizens, there are reports that Americans are being assaulted as they try to reach Hamid Karzai International. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin admitted over the weekend that American citizens still trapped in Kabul are being beaten by these Islamic militant fighters and prevented from reaching the airport. So again, are they going to state that those who didn’t get to the airport didn’t want to leave? This will be the excuse Jen Psaki will make…I can see it now….the thousand or so who they did not evacuate didn’t really want to leave.

After all they have so far blamed Trump and the Afghan Army so it is not a long leap to believe they will blame the hostages that will be left when Biden runs, and what about the Vice President who seems to just laugh at the humanitarian crisis ….. Did you really vote for this debarkle America?

This is the reality of life under the Taliban and if the America will not go out and rescue its citizens, then this is the fate that awaits them…

Women and children 'whipped and beaten by Taliban' at Kabul airport | Metro  News

The harsh reality is that the Taliban are a terrorist organisation and they are backed by other terrorists and they don’t care about the lives of ordinary people and they certainly won’t care about those people trapped in Afghanistan, and will delight in the fact that they will have so many hostages to makes demands of the United States of America. There are some media outlets in the States who have stated that some citizens have reached the point of desperation to get their loved ones home and hired former military soldiers to go in and get their loved ones out. This is really despicable when you think that people know that being an American means nothing under this President and he will abandon you in a heartbeat.

What a total mess and it is the people on the ground will pay for it. The Taliban will eventually start bombing and shooting their way into the airport come the stroke of midnight on the 1st September, and we will be seeing those people who either worked for and helped the military or those who went to rebuild Afghanistan being murdered, tortured or held prisoner by the Taliban. After all, they know they the United States of America will do nothing with Biden as Commander in Chief.

During the Obama Presidency Bin Laden actually wanted to leave Biden free of any attacks because he knew him to be useless. Seems even the terrorist knew then that Biden was going to be this sort of man and totally destroy the legacy of the United States of America.

Papers from Osama Bin Laden’s hideout were published by the US Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center following his assassination a decade ago. The 175 page collection of documents cover the period 2006 to 2011. Among the writings of Bin Laden were pleas to terrorists to not carry out lone wolf missions arguing at least two suicide bombers carries more impact, and complaining Al-Qaeda were not being given enough credit for America’s economic downturn.

Newly pertinent, however are the terrorist leader’s nascent plot to make Joe Biden replace Barack Obama as US President. Bin Laden ordered his followers to create special cells in Afghanistan and Pakistan designed to attack the aircraft of Barack Obama and then-CIA Director David H. Petraeus. Astoundingly, Bin Laden justified the reason for the assassination as “that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term, as it is the norm over there.”

He went on to write that “Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis.”

Bin Laden’s documents conclude that the assassination of Obama and Petraeus “would alter the war’s path” in Afghanistan. Given how Biden has handled the Afghanistan withdrawal, it is not unfair to suggest that America’s most wanted terrorist was not a million miles from the mark in his assessment.

Biden and his looney left Democrats seem to only want to terrorise its own citizens. After all Pelosi was quick enough to demand that those she accused of “an insurgency” on the 6th January face a military tribunal but keeps really quiet on the real threat of terrorism.

Not one of the Democratic senior politicians are any good for the United States of America, no good for its people and certainly no good to rely on in a war because you will get people like Biden. The fortunate son who has never served his country and who has been nothing more than a career politician who has gotten it wrong on every major decision taken in the last 40 plus years, yet we were told that he was the most qualified to act on the world stage and was the most astute politician of his generation. If this is the best…how bad was the worst?

Remember they are more upset about a word than the actual crisis…

When the administration can do this during an election……

Then they refuse to now allow its military to leave the compound to fight for its citizens then you have a serious problem America, and that will not be resolved until you have gotten rid of the useless President, the Useless Cackling Vice President and the Secretary of State and all the other Democrats. All they have done is embolden the bad guys and they are now turning their sights on Taiwan and the Ukraine.

Taiwan have now sadly realised that under Biden their freedoms and security are not guaranteed and that they must now arm themselves and defend themselves, and we know that they are not going to be able to do that but China have now warned them that the United States of America cannot be relied on to come to their aid. This is an insult to their great military personnel and to the veterans who would sign up again if they had too, but this is also a reality as the man in charge should be fussing over his roses in a care home and certainly not front and centre in the biggest mistake a leader can make.

When the Biden administration think this…..then its lost…..

My thoughts and prayers are for those who are going to be abandoned by the American Government and here is hoping that someone in our Government sends out our boys to go and bring back as many to the airport as they can regardless of their country of nationality….otherwise there are going to be a lot of families in mourning and its not going to look good.

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