For the love of Kitty…

I am one of those mad women who love being surrounded by cats and dogs. I never knew about my love of cats till I rescued my beloved Fudge from abuse, and now have 2 who live with me and plenty of visitors throughout the day.

For the last 5 years I have been feeding my neighbours cat Kitty. She was 13 when she started to come round, and for some reason she always preferred my garden.

She never came in and I never tried to fetch her in as she had her own home, and her mum loved her but she had to work all hours and we had an understanding that I would look after Kitty when she was out.

Kitty was a bad tempered cat who would hiss at others, but who would happily bump into me because she knew I had the tasty goods.

She had grown to recognise the car and would come along to see what I had bought, or we would sit together on a step and just enjoy the sunshine.

She had gotten into the habit of sitting in her front garden just at the level she could see me first thing, and then trot round for her breakfast. We had that silent understanding that she allowed me to fuss over her, and she was given food.

She never took to my girls so they didn’t go out the front when she was there, but Zeus had become accustomed to this rather old looking cat doing her rounds from her house to mine for food. It had been happening from the first day I brought Zeus home.

Even when I was out the family would go out regularly to feed her because we had all become very fond of her, and she liked the tuna the best.

Today was the end of our feeding time together as Kitty passed away at the age of 18. There will be no looking out of the window in a kind of hide and seek way of checking for her, no more coming to the car miaowing for the treats she knew I would get her, and no more sunny mornings sat on the doorstep with me chatting away to this very old, scraggy, bad tempered cat.

It broke my heart as I had grown to love her and she me, and to know that she is no longer in pain in her legs is a comfort, but I have put her special bowl away and will miss my 4 or 5 times visit to the front door daily to see her….she was simply my little furry friend.

Sleep tight little one and I love you very much xxxx…your heartbroken friend xxxx

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