Big preparations…..

The panic has set in….do I have enough to last… although the items are bought and now delivered….no going back…!!!

The guest of honour has been invited and the bouncy castle booked, and do I have enough food for the swarm of eaters aka the children….I am of course talking about a birthday party…mine…this weekend.

When I text the invites I said its not a birthday but a bouncy castle day, as the children will love it, and at my age you stop counting birthdays….. My grandchildren, maybe their cousins and my friends children….all screaming with delight on a bouncy castle. What a wonderful sight that will be. Even Zeus has a go…it is so funny watching him but he wants to join in the fun.

The guest of honour…well that’s my mum because for someone who is becoming 55….I know I am very lucky to still have a parent, and I am grateful for it and I have spoken before of the deep love I have for my mum and she is a Queen to me, and treated as such.

Although mum herself is not sure whether she will go on the bouncy castle, but it would not surprise me if she did. Seems growing old slows you down but doesn’t stop you. She’s ex Army…they don’t make them like her anymore.

It’s not being held in a pub, nor a fancy restaurant but my garden with my family and friends. Mr Points of Sue, my mum, my daughter, sons, son in law, my grandchildren, my sister, my fur babies and friends….what a perfect birthday present….surrounded by those who love me…for just being me. I have probably gone overboard on the buffet…but who cares!!!!

This is when I realise just how lucky I am…..and the cost….worth every penny to see the children smile as its these sort of memories that last forever.

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