There is at least one politician who will fight.

Every catastrophe always brings forward that unique individual who puts the lives and freedoms of others above the safety of their own life.

That man is the former Vice President Amrullah Salah, and he is determined to carry on the fight. His sisters were tortured to death by the Taliban. He has no love for them, and he understands what will happen now the murdering terrorists have gained Kabul.

He stayed when their cowardly President ran with the money….what a slimeball crook. He fled before defending his own countrymen and women….coward, and now we wait to see how long Mr Salah can hold out, and if it was based just on the will to…he would succeed but wait and hope is all that is left.

This is the man we need to get out if necessary, so he can start a Government in exile to counter everything the Taliban say and do. If we give him enough air time and political acknowledgement, then who knows he could be taking his country back.

Afghanistan must want to change and this brave man is fighting for her very soul.

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