The fortunate son calling the Afghan Military cowards was despicable.

I decided to read all the articles regarding the speech from Joe Biden and see what the take up of the Journalists was.  I also watched the speech, and my overall impression was a very wet, weak man who was blaming others for his own failure. No true leader would do that, but then again Biden is not a true leader..just a pathetic excuse for one.

To say the buck stops with me and then proceed to call the Afghan Military in effect cowards was an absolutely disgusting thing to do, and certainly not expected from the President of the United States but certainly from someone who has always been a fortunate son.  If you listen to the words it says it all about the current President.

Last Days in Vietnam' documentary examines America's ragged exit from  Vietnam War in April 1975 - New York Daily News
Biden needs to own this…..Saigon and Afghanistan….both failures.

Biden blaming the previous President was the start of it. He stated that he could not change a policy but he has changed the policy on the border, he has allowed the Iranians to start building their nuclear bombs under the guise of energy, and he has rejoined all the organisations that Trump left. So to blame Trump is a bit rich. He is the President and he stated during the pandemic of 2020…this happened under Trump and he must own it. Well, this happened under his watch and he must own it.

To then state in effect the Afghans ran away was dishonest. He did not tell the American public about the tens of thousands of Afghans who fought against the terrorists and who were either killed or maimed. Biden had decided to not let that little fact stand in the way of blaming everyone else but himself.

He has showed the United States of America to be totally weak and they are weak because of the old man who sits in the White House. He has shown the Chinese, The Russians, The Iranians and the North Koreans that as a Commander in Chief he will leave any country without any thought and then blame the very people who have actively fought with the Americans. Only a weak leader will do that.

When CNN say this “Still, in retrospect, Biden’s comments about how the war would end — including a rejection of comparisons to the fall of Saigon in 1975 — appeared badly misguided.”For the administration to say this isn’t going to be Saigon as we look at those sorts of images — well maybe they’re right. Because they’re way worse than Saigon,” said Ryan Crocker, who served as ambassador to Afghanistan under former President Barack Obama”.

When CNN turn on him then you know that the people of America and the liberal journalists are waking up to the fact that a dud has been voted in. A dud who would sooner blame those on the ground having to live this awful nightmare rather than standing up like a man and taking the blame. He is no leader and his Vice President is no better. She has done nothing more than give one speech where she backed him but then she has a habit of going AWOL. He is back on holiday and she is just AWOL. Who is in charge America? As it is certainly not the old man who is President and the rejected candidate who is now the Vice President.

So, the leftists who are demanding all sorts of looney rights in America and who are demonising the police, are now remaining silent on the women and female children who will now suffer under the Taliban. Where are the ME TO MOVEMENT? They are not saying a word……Mind you, when the Vice President laughs at the prospect of going to see the immigrants struggling at the border…then you have a problem and America your problem is the President and the Vice President of woke and very little else.

When your Commander in Chief is viewed as this…..

Then we in the West are in trouble and Taiwan must be totally nervous as they will now know that there is very little help coming for them….and note to Whitehouse Staff…..get that man’s fingers away from the Nukes.….and as far as being the most powerful man in the world…..not a chance….he is more like a clown as now the world is laughing at the United States of America, and that is not fair as their military are amongst some of the bravest men and women….it is just a pity your politicians fail at every step but then that is what you get with a fortunate son.

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