Other than the Veterans in Parliament, what an expensive waste of time today was…………..

I spent the whole day listening to and watching the recall of Parliament and other than those MPs who had served in the Forces I can honestly say what a waste of time the others were. The only ones who were not political point scoring were the veterans as they gave their speeches based on what they had achieved before the humanitarian crisis and the pain for those who did not come home.

Tom Tugendhat gave the greatest speech I have heard in a long time as his face was etched with the pain of memories and remembering those friends and colleagues, and he was right…“Those who have not fought for the colours they fly should be careful about criticising those who have”.” This was aimed at Biden who was one of the fortunate sons and got out of doing any military service. When are we in the West going to have those in charge with actual military service? Only then we will know that they understand the intelligence and think twice before committing other peoples sons and daughters on their vanity project.

Basically the day can be summed up by Boris trying to put the blame on the American President (remember he is trying to blame everyone else), although I do believe it when he states that we wanted to stay and without the help of other countries we couldn’t. Only Poland wanted to get involved and I am not surprised as Poland is one of our greatest allies….and we should remember with thanks their continued fight for freedom. They started in WW2 with honour and continue to do that.

Then we had the Foreign Secretary stating that we were caught unaware at the speed of the Taliban takeover even though the PM said there was a sense of it coming…so make your mind up chaps…was it or wasn’t it?

Keir Starmer was as usual blaming the Government even though he offered no alternative. I did however nearly choke on my tea when Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne challenged the Labour leader if he would flee his country if the UK were overthrown by a “wicked and brutal regime”. Sir Keir’s response was “he doesn’t need to be questioned as when he was Director of Public Prosecutions he had staff who went to Afghanistan, so he doesn’t need lessons from the honourable member”…..Say what??? So Keir Starmer was using someone else’s trip to Afghanistan as his own. Can he sink any lower?? Lets not forget that this is the same man who took cases and instructions from one Phil Shiner of the Public Interest Lawyers to try and prosecute our military based on lies and you have to ask yourself did he sent them to get our military? The fraud committed by Shiner is there for the world to see https://www.theguardian.com/law/2017/feb/02/iraq-human-rights-lawyer-phil-shiner-disqualified-for-professional-misconduct

Acting under the instruction of Public Interest Lawyers, a now defunct firm run by disgraced human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, Starmer headed the legal team which sued the Government over a breach to Al-Jedda’s human rights. In 2007 the House of Lords ruled the detention of the suspected terrorist was lawful, but that ruling was then overturned in 2011 by the European courts. In 2017, Shiner was struck off the roll of solicitors after earning more than £1.6 million from an improper deal carving up fees from pursuing abuse claims against British troops. Last night Mark Tipper, whose brother Trooper Simon Tipper was killed in the Hyde Park bombing, said: ‘Starmer has defended terrorists and violent criminals who break out of prison then sue the prison service, costing the taxpayer a fortune – that is clearly wrong.’  (www.dailymail.co.uk)

After Starmer we then had Sir Ed Davey who blamed the Government, then Ian Blackford from the SNP and he also blamed the Government, although to be honest my eyes had glassed over as he was endless, endless and endless but nothing new. I half expected him to blame Brexit…… Infact, everyone on the opposition benches blamed the Government but not one of them came up with any new idea on how to deal with the current Afghanistan situation. The only thing they could come up with is to not prosecute those who are tipping up on our beaches currently, and of course more money to migrant organisations. In other words the opposition benches want to pander to the left wing mantra and have actually not come up with anything, and lets not forget it was a Labour Leader who took us into Afghanistan, but nope don’t mention that to the party opposite.

The whole thing today was in effect a farce. It was endless MPs standing up and repeating the news again and again with no thoughts of how to change it or offering advice. As I have stated the only ones worth listening too was the Veterans from both sides as they know and they are disgusted with both Governments involved.

I just do not see what today achieved as there was no vote, nothing to hold the Government too…nothing except for us taxpayers as this will be a costly recall. No doubt those MPs who have flown back at our expense will be on their way out to their holiday destinations again, and those expense sheets will be flying through the corridors of Parliament wanting to get paid and the poor people of Afghanistan…well our Parliament have spoken, and nothing else. What a wasted opportunity.

The only ones to call Biden a failure was the veterans and it seems they are the only ones with balls in Parliament, and the rest of them were skirting round the subject and trying to look relevant when in reality the first speech was the same as the last one and nothing has been achieved. What an expensive waste of time.

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