Lets celebrate a hero…

In late 1941, in the Białystok Ghetto (Poland), a beautiful baby named Michael Rozenszein was in very bad condition.

His father was somewhere in Poland, fighting for freedom, and his mother, Genia, had been murdered by the Nazis. Michael’s aunt knew that he wouldn’t survive much longer in the Ghetto, so she contacted Genowefa Majcher, a young Polish woman who knew Genia.

Genowefa immediately accepted to take the baby. She then entered the ghetto and managed to smuggle him out. Day after day, week after week, Genowefa gave Michael all the care, love and attention he needed.

At that time, she wasn’t married, and lived with her mother who thought she was taking too many risks. Everyone knew what happened to people who helped or harbored a Jew, but Genowefa was clearly willing to die to save this little boy. To avoid arousing suspicion, she had him baptized in public and gave him a Christian name. Michael loved Genowefa as much as she loved him, and together, they survived the German occupation.

In 1944, Michael’s father, who was still alive, briefly left his comrades to find his son. When he did, he took his little boy in his arms and broke into tears. Seeing that his son was in very good hands, he returned to combat duty, and came back when the war was over. Michael and Genowefa stayed in touch, and never forgot each other.

In 2003, Yad Vashem recognized Genowefa Majcher as Righteous Among the Nations. That same year, this exceptional woman passed away.
(The picture of Michael and Genowefa was taken in 1947)

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