Written to the Leaders of the Opposition.

I don’t normally write to the Leaders of the Opposition, for instance Sir Ed Davey and Sir Keir Starmer as they don’t speak the same language as I do in terms of politics. I have even written to Nicola Sturgeon in the hope she can get her party to ask the questions regarding Afghanistan.

I have compiled a list of urgent questions and I am wondering now how long it will take them to answer, as it means that they will have to recall Parliament and no doubt they will not want to spoil their months long break for a situation such as Afghanistan.

I will keep you informed of who does respond and if anything gets done but I won’t hold my breath as it seems out of sight and out of mind with these people, and if nothing is done then it will reiterate what I am saying and that is politicians just don’t care.

My email to the Leaders is as follows:

I am not a voter of the opposition parties and it seems increasingly these days that I am not a Conservative either as my faith in the political system is shattered, but I would hope that you would see past this and accept this as nothing more than someone who wants to try and get some help for Afghanistan.  I would like to ask if you  as Leader of an opposition party that you could make a demand for the following to be asked in Parliament regarding Afghanistan.

If these means bringing back the Parliament then so be it as there are too many lives at stake here and it cannot be right to leave so many people we promised so much too, to be controlled by monsters.

The questions I have are:

Following the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, there needs to be a parliamentary debate on why this country has now decided to leave the people to the terrorist network of the Taliban, and why it was done so quickly?.

What dates did the Defence Secretary approach NATO and the UN to enquire about a British led mission into Afghanistan?

If so why did these two organisations who are supposed to be the peace keepers of the world turn it down?  What were their arguments for leaving the people to a horrible fate.

What was the financial cost to the people of the United Kingdom, and how many injured and dead personnel did it cost in the fight for the freedom of Afghanistan? 

Why was the withdrawal so quick and is there a guarantee that those who worked with the allies will get out, and who will be monitoring the human rights abuses committed against women and female children as young as 12?. 

Can Parliament actually discuss whether the whole episode was a mistake and explain why successive Governments did not see this coming? 

This will now be a humanitarian crisis so what are the plans of the Government to deal with the upcoming crisis of displaced persons and will they hold the United States of America to account for this? 

Will the Government and Parliament demand that if that if this does happen that the USA will take a considerable number of migrants in?   

There has to be accountability for the death, destruction and abandonment of the people and Parliament needs to make time to discuss the impact of this decision. 

I would hope that the humanitarian crisis that is erupting can rise above party politics and we must do something before it is too late, and the longer it is stalled the worse it will become.  I would hope these emergency questions are not left too late so that they become irrelevant. 

Thank you

Lets see how long they take to reply………………………………

Keir Starmer, right, altered his approach due to a ‘genuine sense of frustration over the last 72 hours’ that the government was ‘ignoring its responsibilities’, said an official
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