The Taliban capture another city…its TENTH.

The Taliban have now captured another city and this is only 80 miles from Kabul, the Capital.

The city of Ghanzi is now in the hands of the Taliban and this is getting terrifyingly close to the capital as there are hundreds of thousands who are in residence there after fleeing, and it now looks like they will have to continue to flee further. Why is the world not doing anything? This is a humanitarian disaster.

The Taliban have informed the world that they captured the city and those that were not killed capitulated, and we cannot blame them…as I stated yesterday who will have their back up to protect their families if they continue to fight? It certainly won’t be us or the Americans.

The Afghan Ambassador to the United States of America has blasted President Biden for stating that there is a political solution to the war against the Taliban. If there was a political solution, why the hell did we not use it? Biden just gets worse and worse and is just spouting rubbish as he has always done.

The Afghan Ambassador to the United States has urged President Joe Biden to launch air strikes on the Taliban amid fears Kabul could fall within 30 days
Ambassador Adela Raz also asked that the United States and its allies reimpose travel bans on Taliban leaders and other sanctions

Ambassador Raz is one very brave woman as she knows along with the three female governors of Afghan provinces that they will be on the murder list of the Taliban. The Taliban have such a low opinion of women that it is bordering on a pathological hatred. We need to make sure that those women who had advanced the women’s cause in Afghanistan (before the West pulled out), are protected 24/7 as these will be the leaders who will fight back…although god only knows when.

I don’t know what is worse….just pulling out of Afghanistan or lying the way Biden is. Political solution…god give me strength…..that has got to be the biggest slap in the face to the women fleeing from rape, abuse and murder and where paedophiles are on the hunt for young girls as young as 12. This is the reality Mr President and Prime Minister….young girls and women are now at risk…..and it is getting less and less easy to flee now as the Taliban already controls the main highway heading north after capturing Pul-e Khumri earlier this week, meaning the two main routes into and out of the city are now effectively closed.

This must be hell on earth for the innocent.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very brave Afghan soldiers who are willing to fight…

Sami Sadat, one of the Afghan government's commanders, is pictured speaking on the radio as he attempts to defend Helmand province from the jihadist assault
Sami Sadat, one of the Afghan government’s commanders, is pictured speaking on the radio as he attempts to defend Helmand province from the jihadist assault

I fully respect men like Mr Sadat above who is doing his best to halt the advance of the Jihadis but who is watching their backs? No one. Mr Sadat will have to make the choice one day between the struggle against the terrorists or his family and I hope he chooses his family and that they leave. This is a battle that is being lost everyday and god bless him and the others who are prepared to fight for being so brave, and he has my upmost respect and it is just sad that there are not others like him.

It is the look of fear on the faces of the children that is haunting and I am still struggling to understand why we are deserting them….

Children forced to flee their homes due to fighting in Afghanistan drink tea as they sit in a refugee camp in Kabul

The American Air Force is using limited bombing campaigns to try to halt the spread of the Taliban, but we have learnt from Syria that it takes boots on the ground to do this and that bombing will do no good. After all, it achieved so little when the Americans and the British were actually in Afghanistan…so what good would it do now?

The mess and the terror that is now going to be inflicted on Afghanistan is ours in the making, and we should own it and try to help those fleeing as much as possible. We should ask the surrounding countries such as Pakistan to help and to offer monetary aid. I know that there are terrorists hiding in Pakistan and that some might disagree with the idea, but this is not about them it is about helping those who are fleeing from a life of danger, a life of sexual abuse and a life of abuse. We know that the likes of Bin Laden hid in plain sight in Pakistan and we know where the bad guys are, but when the West choses to walk away from a country that they invaded, and where for the last 20 years the population have heard nothing but democracy….. then we have become the bad guys as we offered hope and to take it away really is a dreadful crime on our part.

Women and children who thought that they would have a free country, and who would with the help of the Americans and the British finally enjoy a life that was new to them will now get nothing, and instead they will get so much worse. We cannot let this stand. We must help those who need us most and if it involves sending the military back in to get the women and children out…why not?

Lets put this into perspective, when you kiss your child goodnight and they talk to you about the latest game they want for Christmas or birthdays, or the newest phone….think about the mothers in Afghanistan who are trying to hide the fact that there are rapists and paedophiles coming for their children. There will be no safe place for them to kiss their children goodnight, and these children must flee with their parents.

No child and no mother, or father should have to live like that. It is wrong and I will continue writing about the wrongs we have done in Afghanistan and I am a veteran. I am a former soldier who knows full well that our military want to get back in and protect the weakest in society.

A double amputee ex-Commando and friend of Prince Harry has branded US President Joe Biden a ‘d***head’ over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan as the Taliban rampage through the country. Today he has laid into Mr Biden, who insists he has no regrets about pulling US forces out of Afghanistan before questioning the mettle of the Afghan government’s troops.     Mr McBean said: ‘I saw Biden’s comments and I just thought, ‘D***head’. You can’t say ‘fend for yourselves’, when you know damned f***ing well they can’t. That’s why we were there. (daily mail).

Mr McBean has branded US President Joe Biden a 'd***head' over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan
Ben McBean – now a double amputee…a former marine and a hero.

Mr McBean knows what the Afghanistan Army can do and he knows that they cannot protect themselves, after all as he states that is why the West went in. For Biden to say he has no regrets is just about as low as you can get. What he is saying is that he doesn’t care about the men, women and children who will fall into the hands of terrorists. He doesn’t care and will have no regrets about the women and young girls who will be raped, abused and murdered….after all he has no regrets and he will sleep happily at night without a care in the world.

When is the world going to wake up to the fact that the men making these decisions have never been in the military, they have never been close to danger and will never be close to danger yet they are making decisions without so much as a thought on millions of people who will suffer. To say politicians are the bottom feeders of this world is an understatement and I have decided that I will no longer vote as all of them make me feel sick. It is the smugness of their decisions that I cannot stand and they just want the PR and to hell with those who suffer. This is the reality of what a politician is….a bottom feeder.

Where is the Labour party in this? Why are they not shouting it from the rooftops to Boris Johnson? Oh silly me…they are too busy protecting murderers and child rapists….the Taliban should be right up their street….their kind of people.

The people of Afghanistan need to know that there are decent people such as Mr McBean out in the world who will defend them, and god love him he has given more than most, and they have to know that people’s pressure on these cowardly governments must have an impact. I will be writing today to the Prime Minister to question what the plans are for the most vulnerable in the Afghan Society and what is the exit strategy to get them out of there, and I already know the answer…”thank you for your email, it will be responded to in 48 hours” and then nothing. I will put the letter on here and wait and wait and wait and wait for the response.

I am tired of reading about the pain and suffering of others….. The pain and suffering of the Yazidi people, the pain and suffering of the Kurdish people, the pain and suffering of the Uighurs and now this. At what point are we going to say no more……..or do their lives not matter?

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