An Open Letter to Boris Johnson and Joe Biden.

Dear Prime Minister and President Biden,

I am writing to ask is there an exit strategy for the most vulnerable in Afghanistan, especially now the British and the American forces have pulled out?

I understand that the American Air Forces are giving limited blanket bombing, but is this a strategic bombing or just dropping bombs all over the place in the hope that they get the enemy?  What are the plans for after the bombing stops?

With the removal of the Western Allies, we are leaving the women and children of Afghanistan to a terrorist organisation who are already using children as young as 12 and some even younger than that as sex slaves.  Women and children are being abused, raped, and murdered and surely this was never the intention of the West entering Afghanistan some 20 years ago?

The Taliban have now captured their 10th city and are only 80 miles from Kabul and they control the main roads into the capital, and this is a gradual circling of people fleeing, and this is rather worrying as people will be trapped without hope of getting out of the situation and where the most vulnerable will then have evil visited upon them.

There are a number of questions for your consideration:

  1. Is there going to be a continual bombing from the American Air Force and if so, what have been the effects so far? Is there any consultation with regards to the number of terrorists it is killing? 
  2. Is this effective or causing more issues with the Afghanistan military?
  3. Are there plans to keep senior military officials there to help the Afghanistan military forces?  If so, how long would they be there for?
  4. Can the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States of America confirm that none of the equipment used by the Taliban terrorists are weapons left behind by the Allies?
  5. What do the Governments plan to do with the four leading women in politics in Afghanistan?   This includes the Afghanistan Ambassador and 3 district Governors as due to their gender and their place in politics, we know they will be on an assassination list.
  6. Is there a planned route out of Afghanistan for those fleeing?
  7. What help is in place for those fleeing Afghanistan?
  8. Is the priority the women and children as they are the most vulnerable and the most affected by this?
  9. Are there plans in place to offer encouragement and aid to countries to take in the women and children and give them sanctuary?
  10. Will there be a full parliamentary enquiry in the United Kingdom into the Afghanistan War and to determine whether the decision to interfere in the country resulted in the worst-case scenario, and if not why?
  11. At what point will Great Britain demand that NATO do use NATO troops to control the abuse and widespread terror by using NATO troops? 
  12. If NATO refuse to help will there then be a special enquiry into why the NATO organisation refused to send in the military to help?
  13. Will the British public find out what the pretext for going into Afghanistan was?  There has been a considerable number of British servicemen and women who have died, the cost to the taxpayers and the rise in terror attacks which has now resulted in Afghanistan being worse off than before.   The people of both Afghanistan and Great Britain will want to know this.
  14. Will the British and American Governments hold those politicians responsible for deserting Afghanistan and will there be criminal lawsuits against people such as David Cameron for taking this country into a war that they could not win, and where the people of Afghanistan are now in a greater threat than before?
  15. As you can see Prime Minister and Mr President, there are numerous questions, and the list could be endless, but the main question is what is being done about the most vulnerable in Afghanistan?  This could result in the displacement of millions and that could cause a crisis in Europe where those who are fleeing war will be forced to run another gauntlet because of the increase of migrants that Europe has already had to take?

I am not a politician, but I have been a soldier and I grew up with a soldier who fought for his country from the age of 16 in WW2, and who would have been ashamed that we are leaving the vulnerable to murdering terrorists.  We need to show Afghan civilians that we in the West stand by our word and not leave them for the Communist State of China, North Korea, Russia, or Iran as this would be the wrong move for Afghanistan and would result in further unrest in the Middle East.   We owe it to those who need us most.

I am a very, very disillusioned United Kingdom voter who has watched everyday as the World did nothing for the Yazidis and it was infact the Kurds who rescued them, and who have done nothing to protect the Uighurs from genocide… except the usual limp NATO letter…. can we really stand by and watch further innocence be sacrificed on the alter of a good PR for whoever sits in the big chair?

There has to be a way to show the Afghanistan military that we have their back, and that we have their families or else the World will see that our word means nothing, and we will no longer be trusted.  All countries will see is that it was a hit and run and that is not who we are.  Our word is our bond and we have always maintained to win the hearts and minds of the people, but on this occasion we are deserting the very same hearts and minds and that is a frightening prospect.

Please do not leave the most vulnerable to fall into the arms of evil of itself as it must be terrifying to the young children, especially the females and saving the weakest in our society is what separates us from the rogue states. 

We cannot and must not abandon them otherwise we will have handed over an entire generation of women and young girls to be raped, abused, and murdered and an entire generation of young men forced into joining a terror group and where their bitterness will be aimed at us. This will result in an increase in terror attacks and more innocent victims.  

I am not a politician, and I can see that to abandon Afghanistan and do nothing and will have a more widespread impact far beyond the borders of the country we are abandoning.  

Yours sincerely,

Points of Sue.

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