Another police officer murdered in America.

Ella French 29 was murdered at a routine traffic stop in Chicago at the weekend.

Officer French joined the Police Department in 2018 because she wanted to serve and to help protect those who needed it most, and she was viciously murdered by two cockroach thugs and her partner is fighting for his life.

The Chicago Mayor after spouting her hate filled rants against the Police and who cut $80 million from their budget, had the audacity to turn up at the hospital for her PR stunt. Thankfully she was turned away by the family of the officer in critical condition and the Police turned their backs to her and so they should. She is responsible for the increase in crime as last weekend 73 people were shot in Chicago. If she supported fighting crime she would increase not decrease the budget.

This is nothing more than to appease the BLM movement. her leftist credentials and her agenda to get rid of the Police ………. anarchy is taking over. Her aim is to have social workers in the community to do the work of the Police……on what planet would this work? Planet Lightfoot the Mad??

I hope that this disgraceful Mayor is removed as she is doing nothing to solve the situation and is in fact doing more to continue it, and how many more brave young officers must die because she wants to suck up to the anarchists?

Moment Chicago cops turn their backs on Mayor Lori Lightfoot at hospital -  Latest News Today
The Police turning their backs on the disgraceful Mayor.

The two shooters have been arrested and I hope they get the death penalty as they do not deserve to be on this earth, because if you can kill a police officer and critically injure another…then the world can do without you in it, and why should decent people, the tax payers have to pay for them. 3 Clear Sundays and drop them….that should do.

My heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the family of Officer French and I for one feel that the loss of any Police Officer who puts their life on the line is a loss to humanity. After all who is going to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves?

French is pictured before her death with her fellow officers

Officer French would have known that everyday she went out wearing the uniform that it was a dangerous world, but you don’t expect the city and the Mayor to be more concerned for the murderers, the anarchists and the criminals than they are for the Police. She has never worked with the Police and she has never been of any help and she needs removing from her post.

Cops are seen mourning the shooting death of Ella French in images posted to Twitter

America has gone mad over a few bad apples in the Police department and forgetting that 99.9% of law enforcement officers are the good guys, and maybe it is about time they learnt to respect them again.

I wouldn’t know how to cope if that had happened to my daughter, and I am so sorry to the family of Police Officers who lose their lives and this continued anarchy needs to be stopped, and maybe if the President actually supported the Police instead of his virtual signalling to the hate filled crowd, then maybe the Police will actually feel supported.

When your murder rate is higher than 2020 then people with a brain know that you need to increase the Police…not pander to those who want to cause the crimes..

Chicago murders

Shooting incidents in Chicago are also up 15% on the same point last year, and are more than double the level they were at two years ago.

Decent people who appreciate what the Police do will be horrified by yet another senseless death, and one that Mayor Lightfoot must explain as she continues to cut the Police budget. Lets not forget that she is forcing ordinary citizens to run the gauntlet of thugs and criminals, and defunding the Police to the bare minimum. Whilst Chicago cut 400 officers in 2020, they’ve increased security for top city officials. OpentheBooks found over $17 million was spent between 2015 and 2020 to guard city officials. Mayor Lightfoot defended extra security near her home, saying her family received threats.

Lori Lightfoot will only grant interviews to journalists of color

Its the hypocrisy I cannot stand and she is the biggest hypocrite. She cuts the budget from protecting the citizens whilst making sure she and her family are protected. Why doesn’t she go the whole hog and stick two fingers up to the Police and the taxpayers. Come on Chicago wake up and get rid of this useless woman.

Rest in Peace Officer French and may your family draw strength from knowing that decent people in Chicago and elsewhere are saddened at her passing.

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