When you contact your MP….

With a legitimate set of questions like this person did…..and read to the end…Ms Chatlotte Nichols did what she always does….swore at him.

We have 2 MPs in Warrjngton .. we know Mr Carter’s position on the council debt .. the secrecy in council
.. the greenbelt issues . Has anyone ever heard Ms Nichols comment on the key items above ?

Why isn’t she representing the town and holding the blue labour exec to account ? Why isn’t she fighting for financial transparency ? Why isn’t she pushing for significant social housing ?
Why isn’t she openly pushing for better infrastucture? What is her view in the western link ?

Put simply why isn’t she bothered about the big issues facing the town ? What are her opinions and planned actions ?

I don’t know – do you …

When I asked her on Twitter I got the usual abusive and rude answer …

Labour have parachuted a right potty mouthed thug into Warrington North. When you send her a question or hold her to account she tells you to F Off….and she holds a shadow post…

Maybe Starmer needs to not only weed out momentum but foul mouthed MPs too…

Dreadful woman.

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