This is such a sad statistic

It is about time the contribution made by servicemen and women to our freedoms are acknowledged, and backed up by support. Here in the United Kingdom….illegal immigrants tip up on the shores and get a 4* hotel and money, help and do gooders falling over themselves to help.

Meantime the number of homeless servicemen and women is growing, and the do gooders leftists ignore their plight, despite the fact that the people who they are refusing to help …secured their freedom.

The lack of gratitude stinks and as a former veteran, I am glad my sons have not gone in to the forces. Mr Points of Sue and I come from a long line of military veterans, but no more. Why should families like mine put their next generation on the line….when they receive nothing, except hatred from the looney left and their perverse policies.

Homeless veterans should by law get help……not illegals who break the law….

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