Why no politics??

One of my friends text me today and asked me why I had not put any political discussions on my blog site for a couple of days.

My reply shocked her when I stated that I had gotten sick of politics the last couple of days and even a political animal such as myself had to take a break from it sometimes.

The news was just full of the Sussex’s, the Government threatening to screw over the pensioners and the EU falling out with themselves, with us and just about everyone else, the USA and their issues and then the threat of China as they turn to Taiwan, the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the illegal immigrants tipping up on our shores. In other words the same news just a different day and it has not changed for days.

It is almost like that song “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel.

I don’t think I read any comment without going “oh god I am so fed up with this” and decided just for a couple of days to not read the news. I have not even switched over to GB News and Nigel Farage who I admire greatly. I just had had enough.

Poor Mr Points of Sue listens to my blog pieces after I write them to make sure they sound ok and we both said…enough is enough, and I decided on the break and do you know what I feel really good for it and whilst I will go back to it in a day or two….just for now I am enjoying what I am doing.

So, please forgive me if you have come on here for political comments but even people like me who eat, sleep and breathe politics can get to the point where they are fed up of it, and this is one of the weeks that I am fed up of it and realise that politics is often the cause of so many of the world’s problems, and it just goes on and on and on and on and on…….

I have not missed the doom and gloom with the news whatsoever and I hope you are enjoying the little factoids and fun things I have found to blog about, and sadly towards the end of the week I will be back to the line of politics again with a large article on the South China Seas and the threat to the Asian nations from China.

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