My automatic blog settings don’t allow swear words in comments…….

Hello, you lovely people you…..

I have received an email from a person who had sent me a comment and it had not been admitted and he just wanted to know why.  It was a very polite email and I found it strange as they are normally entered but when I asked him to send a copy of the comment to my email it contained some words that are not allowed on the site.

I explained that in the beginning when I had started WordPress I had some rather disgusting comments sent to me regarding my family and I had to stop the comments altogether. When I finally went back on to allowing comments I had a filter put in and these horrible things eventually stopped as the filter worked but due to the fact that my mother reads my blog, all comments with swear words continued to be filtered out as it is not something I want her to read.  She knows that there could be some in the videos, but I always text her to avoid them, and I can to some extent have control over that.    

I explained to the person asking that I have never sworn in front of my mother and have that rule with my family and they abide by my requests, and because I know she does read them I just want to be protective.  I guess what I am trying to say is that even though the blog is open to all, I still want to respect my mother and it would not not feel right if she read such words as she is now 80 years old, and to be honest I have never heard her swear either.  Mr Points of Sue finds it funny how I protect my mother from even the slightest word of offence, but I only have one mother and she is hugely important to me, and I know how lucky I am to still have her here in my middle 50s. She is the family treasure.

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I guess I am just of that era where her opinion matters the most to me and I would not like her to be disappointed in what I do.  It is wonderful that she does take time out to read this and I have had one or two comments from her about some articles but todate, fingers crossed she has not told me off (although when she does tell me of for something I have done…I try not to giggle as it is funny being a mother of 3 grown up children and grandmother of 3 that I still get a telling off by my mother).  It just seems strange that my mother through the wonder of technology can actually read the words I write…..

He seemed happy enough and apologised for the comment as he had become rather heated and as usual it was to do with politics which can get some people hot under the collar.  I told him it was no issue and that I would of course be delighted to read his comments at a future date and I look forward to them in the future.

So, please bear this in mind and know that if your comment does contain any bad language it is filtered straight to the bin by WordPress, although I should imagine the regular commenters on my blog site wouldn’t do that as I have not seen anything as of yet and I only got to know about this issue due to an email.

I am more than happy with the comments even those who disagree with me, and those who have are more than welcome as their interactions are awesome and it makes for a much more interesting reading so please keep this going as not only I enjoy them, but my mother does too.

Much love

Points of Sue. xx

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One thought on “My automatic blog settings don’t allow swear words in comments…….

  1. 🙂 It makes a lot of sense to block swear words.

    After all, you do not want people cringing whenever they read through your comments thread.

    Besides, we all are very capable of communicating with each other in a very civilized manner.


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