Trump and Farage are ratings winners…

7pm Monday to Thursday GB News gets switched on, and Mr Nigel Farage pops up on my TV….yes Mr Brexit himself and he is beating the BBC and Sky News everytime, and long may it carry on.

The most genius part is having a pint whilst talking politics, and it’s to replicate the pub where all politics get discussed and he has had some great people on, except Sir Vince Cable who said its not a genocide to the Uighurs….and we need to do more business with them not less….and that’s why the Lib Dems will never get in….Some politicians are just so offensive in their support of China.

Then joy of joy Trump is making headlines and ratings. I do think that America is having buyers remorse as Creepy Joe Biden can’t string along a sentence, and Cacking Kamala doesn’t have a chance against Trump. He knows and the Democrats know it and they will turn on each other…..and it will be epic.

2024 will see the return of President Trump and then grab your popcorn to watch the epic left fall apart..😁😁😁😁

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