The abuse of children….it seems to never end and we need to hold those responsible who let them down.

Another day and another scandal involving local government bodies ignoring the abuse of children, or even worse in this case….employing the child rapists and abusers.

When are we going to demand better for these children. These children who have already hit the bottom of what life has to offer by being in care and then to find out that a Council has handed them over to paedophiles, makes my blood boil and when are we going to start jailing these people?

It seems that to the Labour Left Firebrands that it was more important to try and get back at Baroness Thatcher rather than protect children. This is nothing short of criminal and there needs to be a police inquiry and jail terms where necessary. It is a total miscarriage of justice that some of these Councillors have now died and will not be held responsible for their actions or lack of……

Ted Knight, in 2001
Former Lambeth Council leader Ted Knight (pictured in 2001) was one of the driving forces behind the Labour councils’ rebellion against Margaret Thatcher’s attempts to limit the budgets of local councils in the mid-1980s.
Linda Bellos, in 2015
Lambeth Council’s leader between 1986 and 1988 was gay rights and anti-racism activist Linda Bellos (in 2015). The radical feminist said yesterday that she wishes she ‘should have known’ about abuse that happened at the homes,

Is Linda Bellos really trying to say she didn’t know? If so she must be very inept at the job and trying to say you didn’t know is not a defence in law.

Joan Twelves, who was Lambeth Council's leader from 1989 to 1991, became involved in politics in the 1970s in fighting fascism. She was suspended by the Labour Party in 1991 for campaigning against the Poll Tax and the Gulf War
 Joan Twelves, who was Lambeth Council’s leader from 1989 to 1991, became involved in politics in the 1970s in fighting fascism. She was suspended by the Labour Party in 1991 for campaigning against the Poll Tax and the Gulf War
One victim at Shirley Oaks (pictured) said she was abused every week for two years until she told a nurse what was happening
One victim was abused every week for 2 years until reported to a school nurse.

It is during the Thatcher Government of the 80s that social workers were said to have treated the children with callous disregard and allowed the paedophiles free rein. So, now we have that when are the police going to charge these people with child abuse? To stand by and know that these paedophiles were abusing children really makes them the lowest of the low and they should be charged with the same crimes as the abusers.

The Council was more interested in trying to take on a fight from the Conservative Prime Minister rather than protect the children. They made these children feel worthless and some suicidal no doubt and when are we as a country going to demand these people are jailed for their blatant disregard?

Extract from the Daily Mail today 28th July 2021. The independent inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) report said “During that tie, children in care became pawns in a toxic power game within Lambeth Council and between the Council and Central Government. This turmoil and failure to act to improve children’s social care continued into the 1990s and beyond. It told how ‘bullying, intimidation, racism and sexism thrived within Lambeth Council’ all of which was set within a context of corruption and financial mismanagement which permeated much of the council’s operations. The report said senior council officials who tried to rein in corruption were threatened – with levels of intimidation against staff dependent when official who resisted corruption was murdered in a crime that went unsolved.

Elizabeth McCourt who was not protected by the above people and the council was later kidnapped by a pimp and forced into prostitution and this council and the people above did nothing to help her.

Elizabeth McCourt (pictured), 56, told the BBC she 'felt ashamed' after the abuse
Elizabeth McCourt

Ms McCourt says she feels ashamed as her life of abuse led her to a life of crime and no way should she feel ashamed, as being failed in her childhood and handed to perverts would wreck anyone life and she needs our love, our help and our protection.

The Independent Inquiry heard evidence of children being raped, indecently assaulted and sexually abused whilst investigating abuse over decades from the 1960s What the hell were these Council Leaders doing?

Infact Lambeth Council hired a man who failed to disclose a conviction for child abuse, but when they found out he was still retained. He was later found guilty of 34 counts of child sexual abuse in 1999, including two boys in the care of Lambeth Council.

The report highlighted the case of Michael John Carroll (pictured in 2014), a member of staff at the Angell Road home who had failed to disclose in the 1970s a previous conviction for child sexual abuse but was retained when this was found out. He was subsequently convicted in 1999 of 34 counts of child sexual abuse, including of two boys in the care of Lambeth Council
The report highlighted the case of Michael John Carroll (pictured in 2014), a member of staff at the Angell Road home who had failed to disclose in the 1970s a previous conviction for child sexual abuse but was retained when this was found out. He was subsequently convicted in 1999 of 34 counts of child sexual abuse, including of two boys in the care of Lambeth Council

It is no good just highlighting this paedophile, the people who ignored his conviction and let him have access to children should also be jailed for being a paedophile, as if you knowingly let a pervert have access to children, then you should be held responsible in the eyes of the law because you gave him the opportunity.

There have only been 6 perverts held responsible for this so far but the police need to look at re-opening the case and charging all of those who failed in their duty of care and this is from the CEO of the Council down to the social workers who ignored the children, to the HR who allowed these perverts access to the vulnerable.

The six men convicted of child sexual abuse

Far-left firebrands who led Lambeth Council at time of child abuse scandal | Daily Mail Online

Despite the scale of reported abuse and suspected abuse in Lambeth, only six perpetrators have been convicted of child sexual abuse. They are as follows:  

William Hook: In 2001 pleaded guilty to 26 offences, including indecent assault, gross indecency and buggery, in respect of six children in the care of Lambeth Council and one he abused after leaving the Council. Sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.

Philip Temple: In 2016 pleaded guilty to 29 counts of child sexual abuse related to 13 victims, four of whom had been at Shirley Oaks. Sentenced to 12 years in jail, which was increased to 18 years upon the Attorney General referring the case to the Court of Appeal. 

Leslie Paul: Convicted on three separate occasions – in 1994, 2002 and 2016 – of a range of sexual offences against several children in Lambeth Council’s care, including from South Vale. In 1994, he was sentenced to 30 months’ imprisonment, in 2002 to 18 months’ imprisonment and in 2016 to 13 years’ imprisonment.

Michael Carroll: In 1999 was convicted of the sexual abuse of two boys in the care of Lambeth Council, as well as nine boys from a children’s home in Liverpool. The indictment before the court in 1999 contained 76 counts relating to child sexual abuse. Carroll pleaded guilty to 34 charges and was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.

Patrick Grant: Convicted in 2019 of eight counts of indecent assault on a boy under the age of 16, two of which concerned a child in Lambeth Council’s care. Sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.

Geoffrey Clarke: In 1998 was convicted of the sexual abuse of three children not connected to Lambeth, where he had worked in children’s homes. Sentenced to three years in jail. Later charged with various offences of indecent assault and possession of indecent images, but took his own life on the day the trial was to start.

No doubt we will see the usual splurge of lessons learned but it is the children who have suffered and still suffer and lets face it….those social workers who allowed this to happen could have their working life destroyed but that is nothing compared to how these perverts destroyed young lives.

Lambeth Council and the Left Wingers who allowed this to happen because of their toxic narrative that children didn’t matter but getting the Conservative Government of the day did, and whose sole response was to “stick” it to a Government they didn’t like, should face a prison sentence for this. Parts of the report do not read well and my heart breaks for those who were failed during their young lives and holding those responsible for wrecking their childhood is a start, and to often the system protects their own and we as a country should say no. We should demand that those who let perverts roam free to rape, abuse and murder children should never be allowed to get away with it, because if we as a country cannot or in the case of Lambeth Council will not protect the most vulnerable…what on earth does it say about us?

Time to jail those who turned a blind eye and allow the paedophiles to get away with this as they are just as guilty as the abusers.

Abusers were rife and there was a focus on politics instead of service delivery: Key findings in abuse review

The latest report by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has found staff with Lambeth Council failed children in care and foster homes repeatedly from the 1960s. Here are some of the key findings:

The abuse was widespread

Sexual and other abuse of children was ‘widespread’ in Lambeth Council’s residential and foster care homes during the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The investigation covered five children’s units – Angell Road, South Vale Assessment Centre, the Shirley Oaks complex, Ivy House, and Monkton Street. The inquiry said that by 2020, 705 former residents from Shirley Oaks, South Vale and Angell Road made complaints about sexual abuse, though the true number is likely to be much higher.

Children who raised the alarm were effectively dismissed

A number of victims reported sexual abuse to adults at the time, including to other staff or their social workers. But in many cases, this did not result in the investigation or prosecution of alleged offenders, or any disciplinary action being taken. The report found some children were too frightened to tell anyone, or were threatened with violence by the perpetrator if they reported the abuse. At Shirley Oaks, staff viewed children with hostility and as given to ‘fantasy’. The report said: ‘This complete disbelief of children was incomprehensible and further increased their vulnerability. Even when their allegations proved to be substantiated, they were shown no compassion and given no support.’

The children themselves were among the most vulnerable in society

Two of the facilities – Ivy House and Monkton Street – were for children with complex needs and communication difficulties. Some were taken into care because they experienced – or were at risk of experiencing – abuse or neglect at home. But it also found that some children were in care simply because they were from families whose problems were rooted in poverty or poor housing. The report said that from the 1980s onwards, ‘too many children were taken into care because of a lack of family support, poor planning and poor children’s social care practice, often carried out by unqualified staff’.

Impact of the lack of care

The report found that many Lambeth Council staff involved in children’s social care appeared to demonstrate ‘a callous disregard for the vulnerable children they were paid to look after’. It meant that some former residents experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse. John O’Brien, secretary to the inquiry, said: ‘People were in here and saw no way the environment they existed in was ever going to change.’

Abusers were rife and acted with impunity

The report found staff and councillors failed in their professional and statutory duties when it came to responding to extremely serious allegations of staff misconduct, including criminal behaviour, towards looked-after children. For example, Michael John Carroll, a member of staff at the Angell Road children’s home who had failed to disclose in the 1970s a previous conviction for child sexual abuse, was retained when this was eventually found out. There is clear evidence that sexual offenders and those suspected of sexual abuse were co-workers in Lambeth Council’s children’s homes at the same time, the report found. Carroll also had a role in staff recruitment and investigations at Angell Road. The report added: ‘Sexual offenders operating within children’s homes were likely to have had a sense of being untouchable, while children were left feeling isolated and ignored.’

The focus on politics rather than service delivery

The report found Lambeth councillors failed to hold senior staff accountable for the dismal quality of children’s social care, and did not themselves take responsibility for setting an appropriate strategy or ensuring improvements were made in order to protect children in their care. They crossed the boundary into operational and professional decision-making, when they should not have done so, the report found. It said Lambeth Council was dominated by ‘politicised behaviour and turmoil’ during the 1980s, when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, and that the council sought to ‘take on the Government’ to the detriment of local services. The report said: ‘During that time, children in care became pawns in a toxic power game within Lambeth Council and between the council and central government. This turmoil and failure to act to improve children’s social care continued into the 1990s and beyond.’

The cover-up

Reputation management has been a feature of several IICSA reports to date, and it was present at Lambeth council ‘with spades on’, IICSA secretary John O’Brien said. The report found that rather than a culture of openness and a willingness to improve when it came to the fundamental interests of children, there was instead ‘defensiveness and resistance to change – children’s interests were secondary to those of staff and councillors’, the report found. It said that when systemic failures were identified, ‘time and again they were minimised and levels of risk ignored’. One former council official told the inquiry that Lambeth ‘spent a lot of time not being transparent and that problems were covered up’.

The tragic case of LA-A2

The inquiry heard evidence of one teenage boy – known only as LA-A2 to protect his identity – who killed himself while at Shirley Oaks in 1977. He had previously accused a senior member of staff – Donald Hosegood – of abusing him. The inquiry heard LA-A2 was ‘slow at doing things’, and had trouble speaking, and that he was one of a number of people allegedly abused by Mr Hosegood. Mr Hosegood later went on trial for 11 counts of rape and indecent assault involving four children, but the case collapsed after only four days. The inquiry heard Lambeth council did not inform the coroner of LA-A2’s allegations about Mr Hosegood. LA-A2’s sister said: ‘Following the court case, (my brother) was even less like his old self. He hardly spoke and he never seemed to be happy or engaging when I saw him. Had fate been kinder to my beloved (brother), and had counselling and support been available, (he) may have been able to represent himself (at the inquiry).

Sadly we will read time and time again that Councils and its leaders and social workers are turning a blind eye to the abuse of children because it suits them too, and this should never be allowed to happen and maybe if we started jailing those who allowed this then maybe the Council and social workers will actually start doing their job and protecting children, as all I can see time and time again is that they let them down all the time and it is the most vulnerable who pay the price.

There must be nowhere these people are allowed to hide and they must face their failures in a criminal court or there will be no justice, and we must give those who have been let down in the most awful way justice as it will help them to start healing and send a powerful message to those who fail every step of the way.

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