Do you need extra help with Maths and Science??

Advertising for my son who is currently a PhD student and who is offering tutor sessions.

I am nearing the end of my PhD and am starting a temporary job as an online tutor over summer and winter period.

On the primary education and lower secondary level I cover maths and science. For GCSE I happy to cover science, whilst A level my expertise is around Biology and Chemistry.

I am also happy to tutor any undergraduate students in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.

I love studying science and want to bring my enthusiasm towards tutoring students. Despite being a PhD student I have over 3 years’ worth of teaching experience in the guise of graduate teaching assistant for first and second year medical students at Keele University.

Furthermore, I have mentored and supervised sixth form, undergraduate and postgraduate students in my lab both in person and virtually.

For tutoring I am happy to tutor and informally assess the tutees, although I do ask for their syllabus a few days in advance to help me plan my session that maximises the benefits achieved. Rate wise I charge £20 an hour, but I am happy to reduce to £15.

At the minute with writing my thesis and finishing my lab work I can only commit up to 5 hours a week. However, from October I am able to commit 10-15 hours a week.


Please contact me at my address if interested in tutorial services.

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