When vileness, offensiveness and hate is given a platform…

I am of course talking about Kate Shemirani. A woman who has been struck off as a nurse and is one of the prominent anti-vaxxers who it seems has persuaded a few (very few) people to listen to her offensive garbage.

Thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square on Saturday to protest against the vaccination programme and the Government's approach to the pandemic where shamed nurse Kate Shemirani was the star speaker. Her comments are now subject to a police investigation
Kate Shemirani and her vileness on display in Trafalgar Square.

This woman has compared Nurses and Doctors who have given the vaccination to Nazi Doctors and Nurses of the 3rd Reich. How offensive is this woman?

So trying to save the elderly and the most vulnerable from a virus is in her mind the same as those Doctors and Nurses in the 40s who joined the Nazi party and who gassed children, the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly and anyone else they considered non-human. She has classed them the same as those who injected the vulnerable with potassium into the heart, she has classed them the same as those Doctors and Nurses who operated on twins, or used prisoners for trials that resulted in their death and who broke every rule that you would expect a Doctor or Nurse to abide by. This is what this woman is comparing our Doctors and Nurses too by comparing them…..

She has compared our NHS to Auchwitz and why this offensive mouthpiece has not been arrested is beyond me. She has compared our wonderful NHS where people from all walks of life can go and get treatment to a place that murdered a million Jews. Where people were worked to death and where those who could not be worked to death were murdered within 20 minutes. She has compared our caring NHS to a place where they threw babies into pits, threw children who were not dead into ovens and anyone else who was not dead, and where their bodies were robbed of gold teeth, their hair and anything else the Nazis could make use of, and this god awful woman compared our NHS to this.

Not only that but it seems she likes to threaten and has asked for the names and addresses of those Doctors and Nurses who have given the vaccination to be sent to her….now how threatening is that! She states that she plans to send them to her lawyer but can any lawyer worth their salt really expect to sue anyone for vaccinating those who have voluntarily attended an appointment?

Needless to say she is on the platform with one Piers Corbyn…yes brother of the anti semetic terrorist supporting former Leader of the Labour party. So she really is in great company…NOT, and she is spouting what amounts to not only offensive against the NHS and its staff but also as anti-semetic as they come, as she is belittling what those who went through the SHOAH and that is disgusting. She is disgusting and she needs to be charged with this hate crime today.

This woman needs arresting for not only being offensive but being threatening and she needs to shut up because this is nothing more than her 5 minutes of fame. How awful to have come out with such nasty comments just to be seen. How desperate is she?

You can tell what sort of person she is when her own son says he believes his mother cannot be helped. ‘My mum is definitely beyond help,’ Sebastian told the programme. ‘The problem is that she’s so arrogant in her world view and really, truly believes that she is a conduit for the truth on a spiritual level, not just a scientific level.’ He added: ‘It’s impossible to talk to somebody when they’ve got that level of God complex.’    (www.dailymail.co.uk)

In a text she wrote to him she stated : ‘You need to listen to me. You and your sister are going to die. The CIA has a plot and half the UK’s population is going to be killed within five years’.  Sebastian said his childhood was made a misery because of his mother’s obsession with conspiracy theories, which terrified him into thinking the end of the world is coming. He said: ‘It was hell’. He was shown YouTube videos and ‘the Rothschilds are planning to go live on a space station and how there’s going to be this mass genocide, stuff like that. I’m ten, 11 years old and I’m bricking it. I can’t believe that the genocide is coming’. And when he left home at 17 he said: ‘She came to see me as part of this global plot’.  (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Mrs Shemirani who qualified as a nurse 35 years ago, is being investigated by police saying medics were like Nazi doctors complicit in genocide and should face ‘Nuremberg trials’, and said vaccination teams should be renamed ‘death squads’ and referred to the NHS as the ‘new Auschwitz’ during a rally with Piers Corbyn on Saturday, then steer clear of he as you will feel that you have been in the company of someone who is not on this planet, but just not on this planet but someone who spouts hate and threats. Palliative Care Doctor Rachel Clarke uploaded footage of her remarks, tagging the Met Police and accusing Shemirani of ‘threatening NHS doctors with the noose’ and ‘inciting hatred’. 

I hope the police don’t drag themselves on this and that she is arrested and given a restraining order to prevent her spouting her offensive crap, and that she is ordered to undergo a psych exam because if anyone needed it then this woman does as she is a threat and a danger to those who work in the NHS, and that should not be allowed and she should be made an example of quickly as this will result in her shutting her offensive mouth up.

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