When will the FBI go after home grown terror?

A new poll shows that the majority of Americans want the FBI to investigate the real terror in the USA….that being the coordinated attacks and destruction that took place last summer and this year, and is still ongoing.

It seems to the weird left wing bias Democrat party led by Creepy Joe and Cruella Nanci Pelosi, that if you are white and a Trump supporter that you are a terrorist and need rounding up. Yet the only casualty on the march to the Capitol Hill was a woman killed by the security forces. They trumpeted the false narrative that the mob had killed a policeman, and then tried to cover it up when it was deemed a heartache and stroke.

Any death is sad, but it is of no use to the Democrats for whipping up a mob.

The last 12 months the Democrats, their President, Vice President and Speaker have all backed fighting the police, fighting the system, wrecking the country and to continue the destruction and jt seems Antifa and BLM have obliged.

Ask yourself as you sit in your towns where shops have been destroyed, where businesses have moved elsewhere, where unemployment is climbing as is the poverty line, and where most frightening of all the serious crimes are up. Murders up, rapes up, sexual assaults up, drug running up, muggings up, home invasion up was it worth it to get rid of orange man bad? Still the Democrats bleet on about defunding the police, whilst precious taxpayers money is spent on private bodyguards for them thereby ensuring the poor people don’t get near them.

These wealthy Democrats who were voted in to fight the so called injustice, still live in their mansions in predominantly white neighbourhoods. They have another guaranteed number of years in their gilded cages at your expense, they can still take money from lobbying firms to plump up the wealthy cushion they cuddle every night, and they still have all the luxuries that they had. What have you got?

The total aim of the Democrats was to take back control from anyone who dare challenge their elite political privilege. They see it as their platform to tell the poor what they need to do, and how dare they have free will and when that is at threat they whip up the mob.

All the FBI have done is play into the hands of the Democrats who are steering the blame away from their baiting, and how much do people reckon that to save their own political skins, wealth and reputation they will throw the ones they whipped up, under the bus to be crushed as they are the poor people and to the Democrats expendable.

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