What is it about Donald Trump that has lefties reaching for their dummies?

Imagine my disappointment that an article written by me and that does not contain any bad language, nor does it contain any threats but is rather an opinion piece…..is taken down by various platforms and all because it was written about a remarkable man.

The left seem to have the former President down as some sort of boogeyman. I struggle to understand why a man who dropped one drone bomb on a bad guy is called a war monger. Yet Obama and his Vice President Biden were dropping them like deadly sweets on weddings killing unsuspecting people in Pakistan. Causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Obama and Biden have never apologised and never been forced to explain.

The deaths of the innocent lie at their feet and nothing has been, nor will be done to pursue those responsibile. Did their lives not matter? It seems not as it was done with breath taking arrogance. Guess it is alright to the left when their preferred President and Vice President kills, but the uproar on one bomb was immense. Its the hypocrisy I can’t stand.

When Iran retaliated Trump let them get their temper tantrum out of the way without causing any deaths, nor committing more boots on the ground. Unlike Obama and Biden.

There were many young men and women brought home on their sad last journey under the Obama and Biden administration, and Trump wanted the military home.

The world has moved closer to war under the 7 months Biden and Harris has been in power, then we ever were under Trump….

Yet the lefties still go nuts over the word Trump.

Former President Trump has repeatedly protected the LGBTQ+ community, and Biden has repeatedly voted against them and against gay marriage…..until he needed their vote.

It wasn’t President Trump who gave the eulogy at the grave of a KKK senior member….Biden did….as well as repeatedly voting against finance packages to help black Americans, and voting against laws to protect the same people during his time in the senate.

Doesn’t seem much of a people’s champion to me.

Amazing how people were swayed by Biden….

The feminist community kicked off because Donald many years ago said one sentence they took umbridge too…yet the current President sniffs female children, and who until chosen his own Vice President openly stated that she believed women who came forward to accuse Biden of assault. Where is the outrage there?

President Trump cut down on the people smugglers and deported murderers, rapists, paedophiles and drug pushers who were trying to come into the States. He did everything he could to protect your children…..Biden and Harris have let them walk back in unchecked, and for good measure are distributing them round the country so they can show “lower border figures”. No outrage there….

Under Donald Trump more women, Hispanics and African Americans gained employment….so where is the racism there?

All crime statistics are up and people are in so much more danger under Biden than they ever were under Trump. You would think there would be outrage but nope…Mainstream media and lefty platforms are covering it up and putting people at risk because it suits their narrative.

Trump put the United States of America first and he and his son in law Jared Kushner brought enemies together as friends in the Middle East and they still get blasted for it. The son of this President sells access to his father, sells dodgy paintings and smokes drugs and not to mention the laptop with all sorts of dodgy goings on with the Bidens…

Where was the outrage of the left then?

Nothing said that President Trump took $4 dollars for his whole effort, and lost money after placing his business in a blind trust. Biden and son have profited hugely from the position of VP and now President….guess what nothing said.

What gets me is how these platforms go from nought to hysterical at the thought of good things being written about Donald Trump, but then do nothing to set the record straight at the false narrative being put forward by Biden supporters.

Like with all media platforms the hypocrisy is breathtaking and I hope when Donald gets back in, he will do something to force those who have media platforms to actually stop the misinformation getting through.

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