Do you agree with Time?

I have never hid away from the fact that I admire Trump. He loves his country, never caused wars, tried to bring the enemy out of the cold and showed the world that politicians can be brushed aside.

What a pity America voted in the same elite that Trump crushed. Biden has never had a job other than a senator in the swamp, and turns out to be far worse than the perceived, twisted leftist view of Donald.

I truly believe that Donald will get back in 2024 as people are sick to the back teeth of the lies, spin, the increase in crime, the increase in vandalism and the backstabbing from the Democrats who are dragging the States into the gutter….and if not the gutter then a war.

My view….so what is yours and please keep it clean and state in a grown up way whether you agree or disagree….

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3 thoughts on “Do you agree with Time?

    1. Then you and I shall agree to disagree as I think that Trump is an asset to the USA, and Biden is not. Daily we are seeing pictures and hearing stories of out of control cities. Murders, rapes, muggings, home invasion, wrecking of businesses and drug wars. Is this really what the Americans were voting for?


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