America you need to wake up…..Creepy Joe and Cackling Kamala are a disaster….

Your POTUS is a man who cannot string two words together, and the mistruths he spouts at a supposed town hall meeting put on by CNN, and host Don Lemon who actually helps him is breathtaking.

The double standards of not questioning statements is shocking, and the fact that CNN are doing it shows they are unfit for purpose. Shut them down as it is doing nothing more than spreading a false narrative. Shame on them.

Biden and Harris

At least we should be grateful that he doesn’t cackle like Kamala, who can’t answer a question without laughing like an adolescent.

Your President and Vice President are not fit for purpose, and sadly you lovely people in the United States of America will pay the price.

The increase in crime is up, murders are up, people stealing without fear of arrest is up because lefties in the Democratic party, well all of them said they can and their shouting to defund the police whilst spending YOUR money on bodyguards. How nice for them at least they are safe. The rest of you have to run the gauntlet of murderers, rapists, muggers and other bad people who want to hurt you. Doesn’t seem very fair to me.

Seems the usual despicable George Soros has his tentacles in this. Don’t forget folks his aim is to rubbish your economy so he can make billions whilst stuffing the little people. These are the sort of people having a say in your economy.

Then you have immigrants who are being smuggled round the country without the say so of the people and nobody knows what to expect….except an increase in their taxes. More murderers, drug dealers and paedophiles got through at the Border under Biden in 4 months than the whole of President Trumps 4 years.

Your children are being put at risk by an administration that doesn’t care. They just want the elite power over the little people and to line their pockets with your money. Biden has never held a real job…he is a career politician and he has no idea what life is like outside of the swamp…, and now inflation is looming. Not good…not good at all.

This will cost the hard working people of America more money, and it will result in people losing their homes, their jobs and their incomes and it will result in the workers having to live below the poverty line with no hope.

The bad guys of this world like Xi Jingping and Vladamir Putin are laughing at the pathetic spectacle on show as supposedly the strongest leader in the free world cannot complete a sentence.

Give me a break….he sniffs kids, tells mistruths to you the voters, is ruining your economy and finally putting you all at risk from increased crime.

Did you really vote for this? Nobody in their right mind would vote Creepy Joe and Cackling Kamala in….America what have you done???

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